Method of payment ...

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Method of payment ...

Post by n5wrx » Wed Dec 25, 2019 2:32 pm

So many sellers do NOT accept payPal ...

I bought about 6 ham radios in the last couple of years ... all from QRZ classifieds.
All payed for with PayPal.
I use PayPal for the protection it gives me as a buyer.
If I see "no paypal" in an add I skip right over that add.

Why would anyone not accept PayPal as a form of payment.
Its the only way I would buy a used radio from a stranger.

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Re: Method of payment ...

Post by N0EE » Thu Apr 09, 2020 4:22 pm

I realize this is an old post but I'll comment anyway. People do not accept PayPal for many reasons, the main one is sellers have no protection at all through PayPal and that is fact. A buyer can steal all the parts they want, blow it up, whatever, file a claim and get their money even though THEY caused the issue. I've experienced that first hand. As a buyer PayPal is great, as a seller you WILL eventually get screwed by PayPal and unscrupulous buyers, no doubt about it. I may or may not take PayPal on a case by case basis, my decision and my decision alone. Sometimes Paypal is great, sometimes they break it off in your...

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Re: Method of payment ...

Post by N9LCD » Thu Apr 16, 2020 10:15 pm

Once upon a time, I was selling my Racal RA1795 receiver -- a solid state "boat anchor".

The price was $1,500 including crating & air freight to San Francisco. the crating & insured air freight was about $300 -- out of pocket.

The buyer wanted to use PlayPal. Naturally they're both in California.

But I'd have to wait 30 days to get ONE THIRD of the price. 30 days for the second third. And 60 days for the last third.



NO PlayPal!


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Re: Method of payment ...

Post by sauerjc » Wed Aug 26, 2020 12:56 pm

I’ve purchased a lot on various sites over the years and I exclusively pay with PayPal. It’s the only way to guarantee I’ll get what I paid for. There is no way I’m going to send someone I do not know, who could be anyone, cash, check or money order. It’s easy for an unscrupulous seller to take my money and run. If it’s so safe, why don’t sellers send the product, wait for you to receive it, and then wait for your payment? They won’t because it’s too risky for them. I have also on several occasions offered t pay the sellers PayPal fee - some actually rejected it.

I have also sold many items on several sites and have always used PayPal. It only took one time getting screwed buy a bad buyer, and I had to use PayPal.I never has problems receiving any payments. One time the buyer had to go in to their PayPal account and marked the item received, or I had to show proof the item was delivered using a common carrier.
There may be more protections for buyers, but you may sell more if you accept PayPal.

In the perfect world, PayPal wouldn’t be needed. In general, hams may be more honest than others, but it is so easy for bad people to imitate another person, it’s just too risky. Currently, the best situation for a transaction would be in person, hand to hand, with a handshake. This only works if both the buyer and seller are a reasonable distance apart and both are willing to meet in person. Covid19 May have changed this, at least for a while. Meeting in person also has its dangers. It’s not uncommon for our local news to have a story about someone who bought an item online, and met in person to finalize the transaction- where they were robbed at gun point. If you meet in person, meet in a well lit, public place, with a lot of people around.

It appears, that every payment method has risks. There is no one perfect method. It’s up to you how much risk to accept, or how to mitigate risks so they will be acceptable to you.

John Sauer
John Sauer

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Re: Method of payment ...

Post by w8nic » Tue Jun 01, 2021 5:50 pm

Ive sold many ham equipment and almost all paid with PP Friends and Family. A few times I’ve traded equipment that was sent to me first before I sent mine out. This involves other ham that have a slight blemish on their references.
It all relates to integrity.
I prefer not to use PayPal because they have burned me a few times. Never again will I use them if they will receive a fee.

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