need help need know value on htx 242 and ft2800m

Let others help you to determine what a piece of equipment is worth, before you put it up for sale.
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need help need know value on htx 242 and ft2800m

Post by ke1fr » Sun Jan 18, 2009 7:31 pm

the radio shack htx 242 has no box lost the manual.but can be downloaded doing a google search.
1 the radio is in exc,no scratches.has been mobile for a short time.i made a few contacts with it on our local repeater and found i did not like the repeater.
used it to talk on my way down to w1aw and back.on the way back the motor in my 86 firebird went so i took it out and it has been here since.not used.
2.i have a new in box yaeseu ft2800m,never been in box w/manual.i used this one one time on that same repeater and still not liked the repeater,so that too has been sitting here.
I'd like to sell these or trade them for a laptop or a 2 mtr ssb rig,not sure yet.but i need the help to find out the value.i do know that hro is seeling the ft2800m for $179.00 not to bad.
any help or advise will be appreciated,thank you
bob ke1fr
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Post by N4XTS » Wed Jan 21, 2009 3:11 am

depends on the market but around here the HTX-242 will fetch anywhere from $65-80.

the 2800 is worth anywhere from $100-135.

you'd probably get a little more on Ebay, but then there is the cost of listing fees, final value fees, shipping and Paypal to consider.
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