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What would you pay for THESE?

Posted: Sun Sep 12, 2021 12:38 pm
by ko4lsa
The long retired Elecraft xv series xverters. Rare item I suppose?
Smokeā€™n pet free 100%.
Every single of the 4 still putting out full 20 watts.
LEDs like new. Perfectly aligned.(none of the leds pop up or sink)
Excellent appearance.(no scratches, paint losses, etc.)
Daisy-chained for maximum convenience.
Cables,manuals,shipping boxes whatever included & like new
144:Elecraft .5 ppm tcxo & homebrew copper heat spreader(sooo suitable for EME&pactor)
222:10 MHz external ref module(as frequency-stable as the 144,if you have a 10mhz ref oscillator)
432:the same copper heat spreader

*copper heat spreader: significantly increases cooldown speed of the xverters, thus makes them able to withstand long hours of heavy usage. Could be easily removed. Does not cause xverter internal overheats or other problems.

Tell me what you think guys!