JRC NSD-515, NRD-515 and accessories

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JRC NSD-515, NRD-515 and accessories

Post by K1ZJH » Mon Sep 29, 2014 4:45 pm

I own a well used pair of JRC twins: the NRD 515 receiver, and a NSD-515 transceiver going back to the early 1980s. The TX includes the PS and interconnecting cables. The cable for making the pair into a transceiver is there. I have the manuals.

I also have the 99 channel channel memory unit, and the matching speaker. I have the base microphone, although it has been changed over to different goose neck mic assembly. I have the original mic, so it can be put back. The RX has all of the filters installed. I also have the matching speaker, which is part of the deal.

I'd like to sell the pair, but I am not sure what to ask. I see the TX asking price is around $2,800 on eBay... but I don't want to deal with the new 180 day return policy on PayPal. This equipment has been well used, and needs minor attention. There are scratches on the side panels. The external VFO legend on the RX has wear from constant split operation. This is not museum quality stuff.

What would be a good asking price? I am not looking for top dollar, but I don't want to end up being scammed. I have gone over to TenTec gear, and the JRC are sitting unused. EBay is now out of the equation due to the recent PayPal 180 day return policy.

Pete k1zjh

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