Kenwood TS-570D....Kenwood TS-700A

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Kenwood TS-570D....Kenwood TS-700A

Post by AC2HQ » Thu Aug 25, 2011 6:01 pm

Good Afternoon,
Would anyone have an idea what I could get for my Kenwood TS-570D that is new in the box...never been used ever...sitting in the bedroom closet since purchased...still in original boxes when it was shipped
I also have in the Kenwood TS-700A..bought it back in 1997 from Denver radio for 300.00..I never used it as well...still in the boxes when shipped...any idea of its value?..of coarse this radio was used when purchased
Any imput would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,

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Post by k4kk » Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:55 am

ROUND numbers ... the 570D as you describe should bring $500 - 600. The 700 is worth almost what you paid for it (depending on overall condition) and should bring somewhere over $200 and perhaps $250 or so.

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