Gray and black TT Jupiters- specs vs price

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Gray and black TT Jupiters- specs vs price

Post by CALNNC » Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:06 pm

What are the significant differences between a gray Jupiter with green screen and a black Jupiter with blue screen? I just sold a gray unit with no internal tuner, and the matching TT 260 PS with desk mic for 400.

Now have a black cabinet unit with blue screen, does have the internal tuner, a non-TenTec desk mic and an Astron switching power supply. Selling for a fellow who is thinning out his shack, but does not do internet stuff. What is a real world price to ask for this station?

Next question. He also wants to sell his TT Titan, has one spare brand new tube -he thought he had 2, still looking for the other. Loaded it up yesterday to check it and got 1500+ out. It has a brass plate on the front, says something like 'Gold Series' with a two digit SN. This was the last Titan Ten Tec had in it's store, and he bought it from them in Sevierville. What's a real world price we should be asking?


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