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N2VZ turbotuner - Bill Kantz wouldn't deal with

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:01 pm
by kf7lue
Ordered one the end of Feb then learned that it wouldn't work with the KJ7U screwdriver, from KJ7U and Kantz. Kantz offered a refund before it shipped, I accepted and waited. Received email notification from postal service of Kantz generating shipping label a week after he said it would ship, called to remind him about the order cancellation, refund. He said he would stop the shipment. Didn't happen, got the box a few days later.

I am sure that other turbotuner users are satisfied with the tuner, imagine I would be also. Though I will not order another because of the service and wouldn't recommend that others do business with him also. 73, Mike