Deal gone bad with WB8JBG

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Deal gone bad with WB8JBG

Post by w5gi » Sun Sep 26, 2010 4:23 pm

I paid a premium price for a Robyn 500 that supposedly was reworked and in good operating condition. I received the poorly packed radio with loose tubes and parts and it didn't work. I finally got it operational but found the 100Khz cal didn't work, radio drifted significantly, main tuning knob was cracked, low sensitivity on 75m, On 75 m had to use USB to receive LSB, the counter is off 3KHz on USB signals, and more. When I asked Ed Barnhart for a refund he said "sorry no refund." He said it was insured but the packaged was so poorly packed that there's no way UPS would approve a claim. You draw your own conclusions, I won't ever do business with him again. My loss is hopefully someone' else is gain.
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Post by WB8JBG » Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:21 pm

He forgot to mention that the shipper had knocked the tubes loose in transit and he first said it didn't work at all. When he finally discovered his mistake he emailed me and said it worked. With a rig that is close to 40 years old you can't expect it to work perfectly. The rig was tested before shipping and was packed very well. It is evident to me that the rig was dropped in transit, it wouldn't take much for a rig of that age to go wacko if it was mis-handled. I'm sorry the gentleman feels the way he does, but I am not responsible for his problems.

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WB8JBG Responsable or not?????

Post by N8ERM » Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:05 pm

Come on, this is not brain surgery. The one that ships the equipment is 100% responsible. If it is packed correctly it will arrive in the same condition as when it shipped 99.7% of the time. Tubes fell out? Not with MOST folks that use this site, they would have been removed from the rig and separately packed. Remember to check them out and have a I will not buy from them list, Knobs cracked, not if it was packed correctly by most of the hams. There are a lot of hints on this site Shipping & Packing Discussion on this site has some real great advice on proper packing. The only trouble I have has was UPS. How could UPS deny a claim when one could see that a fork lift had ran the fork through a perfect rig. They say improperly packed. I received a real nice tuner today. The box was beat to crap and the tuner is perfect. How do I deal with UPS now? I use FedEx.
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