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Share information regarding your recently completed deals with other ham operators. ONLY BUYERS AND SELLERS directly involved with the transaction can post in this forum. If you have a report of a scam by someone pretending to be a ham, please post in the Scammer Reports forum instead.
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As of Dec 9, 2013: ONLY BUYERS AND SELLERS directly involved with a transaction can post here. Do not post replies in any topic if you are not the buyer or seller in the transaction being discussed! If you believe you can help the buyer or seller, please use the Private Message system to communicate with them. NOTE: if you have been scammed by someone pretending to be a ham, please post in the Scammer Reports forum instead. See viewtopic.php?f=2&t=136 for additional rules.
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Feedback Forum perpose:

Post by N8ERM » Tue Sep 07, 2010 11:51 pm

Feedback Forum was designed to help the buyers, sellers and traders decide the trustworthy from the not so trustworthy. Share problems in a deal in hopes that they can be worked out with some good advice from another Amateur. Hopefully this person would take an impartial look at all sides. I had also hoped that it would show the nut jobs and the whacked out personality's. The Feedback Forum is alive and well, still doing it's job. Why is it so hard for some to just be nice? This site will continue to grow if our readers will conduct themselves as fair minded adults. The self centered ego maniacs are in the 1%, they also still seem to be alive and well on Feedback Forum, shame on them, they know not what they do. This small part of the whole might do better in another hobby. Possably amateur boxing or one of the full contact martial arts. Sparring face to face seems to solve problems rather quickly.
Please play nice, you all are a reflection of this great hobby, a good example or a bad one, your choice.
Terry N8ERM

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Right on the Money

Post by KK7AZ » Wed Sep 08, 2010 1:05 pm

Right on the money Terry, A lot of people just like to read what they write and wait for a reply. Why not limit the replys then end the thread, this will end the problem. Let's get back to Ham Radio, the computer is taking over, This is a small problem that can be solved. Keep up the good work, this is still the best site. 73's

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Early Ham

Post by WA5JAV » Wed Sep 08, 2010 5:27 pm

As an early ham, i have seen the good, the bad and the ugly in our hobby. As with so many other groups, the few strive to cause the many pain. I was licensed in 1963 and over these years I have witnessed ham radio deteriorate. Most is a direct result of ARRL and big manufactures and vendors greedy to sell equipment that is out of financial reach of most operators.

I have decided to sell my equipment and let Net interferers, foul language users, malicious keyers over QSOs, and all those that feel need to be W5xxx . This decision was prior to my receiving an AICD implant which is not tolerant of strong magnetic fields.


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