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Post by KG4KDH » Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:12 pm

Spare us all ALL the drama would ya?

I mean really...Not sure what the complaint is here. Mr Johnson made a purchase, asked for UPS ground, it was too late in the day when the order was processed to go UPS...knowing that UPS could NOT have delivered the merchandise by the that Friday (would have delivered by the following Monday) so we thought we would be NICE ENOUGH to try to get it to him before the weekend. And when he complained and asked for refund (HE NEVER asked for a credit - he asked and demanded a refund of $4) it was issued. Why doesn't someone call him on it and ask him to tell the truth? Truth is, he used name calling with vulgar language and then after refund was issued decides to post this nonsense. Truth is, I (The Antenna Farm) am a customer of! We have our web hosting here which helps support this website ( and support ham radio in general. Ask Mr Johnson what he's done for America and the ham community lately? HMMMM??? Besides bad mouth his fellow American and ham?

#2, Mr Johnson posted here after QRZ REMOVED his posting because it wa SO RIDICULOUS!

You see we at The Antenna Farm are old fashioned. We do not practice corporatism with the GREEDY motto "the customer is always right" or in simple terminology "We will do anything for your money". No sir, our motto is old fashioned..."We reserve the right". THIS is what America USED to stand for when at a time that people (even between merchant and buyer) would treat each other with RESPECT. So now instead our immature response is we beat up the individual and the small Mom & Pop shop struggling in this corporate controlled world while we run to the same banks and institutions that smile at you in the front door while they take your TAX DOLLARS thru the back door. And this is called "patriotism"?....not in my book my friend.

Example - Try going back in time to say 1870, walk into a General Store and then throw a temper tantrum like modern society does nowadays and see what happens. They (including the merchant AND the customers) would throw you out into the street and you would never be allowed back into town. Or if back east they would TAR & FEATHER you! This kind of behaviour back then was simply not going to be tolerated by society...even children at home didn't act this way!

Not to say that there won't always be disputes between people or merchant and buyer, it's how we handle them. We should always treat each other with courtesy and respect and what else is missing today - "The benefit of the doubt" and allow the other party time to make things right. After all we are all human and capable of doing only one thing consistently - that's making mistakes.

This is why we ALL should exercise restraint before we fly off the handle and go and bad mouth some company or individual BEFORE allowing them time to make things right or give them the benefit of the doubt before making judgment calls. Knowing this and we all sit around and wonder why America is in the poor state it's in now....Think about it. This is "Patriotism"!?!

You see some people get offended when you attack their "patriotism". This is because they are not comfortable with their patriotism and therefore are NOT TRUE PATRIOTS. Some of you do NOT fit into this category. Some are constitutional, God fearing patriots that like me that would be willing to lay down his life for the future of our children and this CHRISTIAN NATION..Yes I said it, Not Muslim....but CHRISTIAN NATION. And yes, for your CHILDREN - NOT YOUR SELFISH selves - Fight and die if necessary for the future of YOUR CHILDREN!

Like it or hate it, love it or leave it !

This is what's called the two-edged sword technique. Testing patriotism in this manner divides the patriots from the commy pinko fascists. We need more MEN in this country...NOT feel good, media brain washed, double talking, politically correct politicians that most "Americans" are becoming. It's called being a SPINELESS coward.

Good day and Semper Fi

John W Holbrook
The Antenna Farm

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Post by W3WN » Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:46 pm

KG4KDH wrote:Spare us all ALL the drama would ya?
Sounds like a good idea.

And after reading that diatribe, it's nice to know that there are plenty of other antenna vendors out on the market.

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Post by N9LCD » Fri Aug 27, 2010 6:23 pm

If KG4KDH has such a low opinion of everybody (except himself, of course), maybe he should close up shop and q2uit the antenna business.



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