NE6V - Joe Vega took my money and didn't supply the goods

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me too BEWARE of HIM

Post by moose123 » Sat Feb 05, 2011 7:43 pm

This weekend ran into this Joe Vega ,he has berated me for the posting on an 857 D, he wanted, than told me I was scamming him the radio has about 10 hrs on it running time and is like new no marks, damage even has plastic on display ( which Joe said I put on it to raise the price???? anyway after trying to fed ex money to me which I didn't accept, after he told me I was crooked, he continued to berate me in e-mail verbosely saying I was the one who didn't want to deal and you know what he's right, this guy's a fruitcake. he wants a brand new radio and all of it's extras for nothing and if he thinks somethings wrong he'll harass you to no end. I told him I'd rather let the rig sit in my shack and rust than sell it to him after he called me a liar and a thief. BTW the radio sold same day to a wonderful ham who'll enjoy it. Watch your dealing with Joe Vega... somethings wrong with this guy!! :shock:

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The facts speak for them self...

Post by ne6v » Sat Feb 05, 2011 8:49 pm

First off moose123 is Duane Tarbox K2DLT . I made a deal on QRZ NOT HERE to buy the following: ft-857d, with box, mic, collins ssb filter, and a speech processor mod, Mr. Tarbox described the radio as ..."nearly new". The price of 600.00 I knew that was a good price. So I committed to buy it on THURSDAY 02/10/2011. I SENT VIA FED EX $710.00 CASH!!! because I wanted it shipped right away. the fedex tracking # is 8744 9465 2311. I sent it next day, sig required saturday delivery. Then yesterday friday 02/11/2011 I received several Private messages from the person who sold K2DLT the radio in DECEMBER and here is part of the first message I received:

"The FT 857D you are buying is NOT nearly new, I know this because i am the original First Purchaser. I bought the unit new HAM City on Oct 30, 2007. Check the Serial # it should be 7K800956. I have the original Reciept. I sold the radio to K2DLT a few months back.

The radio did work Great when i had it, it does have the 2.3 SSB filter and W4RT OBP speech processor also, I installed them. I also have the reciepts.

I am sending you this because i believe in HONESTY. K2DLT said that the 857D was "Nearly New". It is over 3 years old. I have sold numerous HAM radio items on QTH and QRZ ALL with very favorable comments. I just don't like it when the Truth is not Exactly told as it should be"

Now I received that message AFTER I SENT THE FED-EX!!! I started to panic!!
I agree that a over 3 year old radio is NOT a" nearly new " radio. It can be " in great condition or in LIKE NEW CONDITION" .

Funny thing is Friday while I'am posting things about this on QRZ, K2DLT is e-mailing me if I sent the money!!!

If he would have looked at the thread he would have known I sent the Fed Ex I put the tracking # in the post.

Finally he gets wind of whats going on...and suddenly he puts it on me!! Good luck DUANE you LIER...

Bottom line he didn't want to sell it to me because he knows it is NOT AS DESCRIBED and he knew I would raise HOLY HXXXX!!

So when FED EX went to door today he REFUSED delivery!!!!

Now thats the truth....

Isn't it interesting how in his post he didn't use his name his call... he uses some aka of moose...



By the way hello to everyone here at QTH hello Scott happy new year to you and the family.

Ya I may have had some problems before but this one is NOT on ME...I've cleaned and been doing VERY WELL

as I now work for the State in Public Safety Communications as a Telecommunications Tech!! Things are VERY GOOD...

Take Care


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Some acknowledge of problem

Post by moose123 » Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:06 pm

Jose this is the last time I will respond to you on this matter either here or via e-mail, as I have stated nearly new does mean the rig was made yesterday or last week or whenever. this is the original add by the original owner cut and pasted from qrz website....
Yaesu FT-857D

Yaesu FT-857D for sale, used occasionally but mostly has been in box for the last year. @ 10 hours useage. Has Voice Processor built into Microphone
(W4RT OBP) and 2.3 SSB Filter. Comes with Separation kit. $675.00 plus Shipping. US Postal Money Orders only or cash if local.

my assumption was that this radio was bought used occasionally as ad says and stored for 1 yr... with only about 10 hrs on to me 10 hours on it is hardly break in time hence the like new condition of the rig which, when it was delivered to me it was and still is. I will not banter semantics here with you, no one tried to defraud you. I had the radio 1 month and used it for about 1 hour to field test it.. and was willing to lose 75.00 to sell to you, before you were ready to string me up. so now another ham owns it and yes I told him the history of it...
Sorry about all the hard feelings but no one was trying to pull the wool over your eyes or cheat you in any way....and as for the original seller I have e-mailed him also, because his comments on my honesty seem a bit skewed,as he seems to depicted it as a yr old ,10 hr radio , he never told me the purchase date when i bought it from him so how truthful is that?...

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WOW DEEEWAYNE are you on medication or controlled substance

Post by ne6v » Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:14 pm

First off my name is NOT JOSE so check yourself !
Second I'm not the one that came to this site...a site in which the transaction didn't take place on and start crying about it. I simply replied to you...have you heard of "action and reaction.."?
Third you do not need to reply or answer...if the heat gets to hot in the kitchen then GET OUT... I know you didn't think I would have the nerve to come here and reply...POOR YOU WRONG AGAIN...I did and what...You're the scam-mer NOT ME...I did my duty..I sent the funds...when and to where..and the're the flake, fraud and lier NOT ME. As you obviously read from my post my reaction to a message I received was certainly a accepted response considering all in all.

Now here's a question do you read what you type before you post it?

I'll answer that for you NO YOU DO NOT because again I find your response in error as I did with an email you sent me earlier remember I potted those out in an e-mail reply:
Now here's your latest blunder... so here it is:

you wrote..."as I have stated nearly new does mean the rig was made yesterday or last week or whenever."

LOL you must be on MEDS, DRUNK or DRUGS!!

I agree that is what that means it doesn't mean a radio that is over 3 years old... so you finally agree with me...NO you owe me an apology oh ya there is the matter of the 56.44 I paid for the shipping and now the additional amount for it coming back to me didn't accept it now you owe me!!! So how are you going to pay me?

Also I don't care what the dude you bought the radio from described it as...that is between you and him!! But just because he represents something in a way you know as being misleading or incorrect that does NOT MEAN YOU can do the same when you flip the radio!! You are just ignorant!!

I applaud you if in deed you were honest with the 3rd buyer finally...if you would have been that way from the beginning the first guy would have bought it..but I guess you needed to be taught a lesson about honesty.

In closing;

You created all this drama because you chose incorrect words to describe an expensive item. You had no PICTURES to validate your claims. You chose to reject the cash payment which was sent and was timely in every way. You came to this other web site to cry about the events we are threading about. Do you see the is ALL on YOU!!!

You created this mess and now you owe me.
As I said so far it is $56.44 plus whatever they are charging me for the return trip to me so most likely another 50.00 something...
So now you are loosing 75.00 +56.44 +???= LOL LOL

Great deal you made... I'm good in QRZ please send my pymt forthwith to my QRZ address...regular USPS 1st class mail is fine.


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What ? !

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N6VMO wrote:Image
If only you knew...

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Thing that bothers me most about line of landfill fodder is why all the W8JN post are deleted. Somebody step in the wrong pile??

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