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Brandon Duke New Info

Posted: Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:10 pm
by AE4SH
I just recieved ths email from the Longmount CO Police Dept.
As the Officer stateed Brandon was to make restition payments to the one he swindled, But he has Not!
As i said before, They just slap him on the wrist and let him GO!

Mr. Hamm,

I believe this is the case you are referring to:

The Boulder County Case number is 06JD075
Restitution was ordered. A payment schedule was apparently set up but
Brandon has not complied with it.
Please call Beth Greer at (303) 441-3818. She is in charge of the
restitution program and may be able to answer your concerns.

You may also call/email me as well.


DET M Cooper
Longmont Police Dept.
Detective, Person Crimes Unit
(303) 651-8570