Here's how the other part of the scam works.

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Here's how the other part of the scam works.

Post by NC5S » Thu Sep 03, 2009 12:28 pm

Recieved this e-mail this morning. This is how the scam artists get their money.

The response is from:

Name: Andrew Wilson
Callsign: 8056115612

The response is:


I am Andrew Wilson of Mailpoint Freight Co.We specialize in heavy shipments throughout the world.We are pleased to contact/inform you, after viewing your resume that you have met our condition for the post of a Payment Collection Officer(Payment Recipient/Book Keeper).

The job does not require any qualification whatsoever from you.It should also be noted that this job can be done on part/full time basis.We have a lot of incentives to motivate our first employee as this position is new in the organization.

Our Company deals in freight and Logistics world over.We have branches in various European countries like Holland,Portugal,Spain,Germany to mention a few.Our Head quarter is in London ,UK.Therefore, we are using this opportunity to introduce to you a new job opening while you are still working at your present working place. We need someone(for immediate employment) to work for the company as a Representative/Bookkeeper in USA.

Your duty as a Payment Collection Officer is simple.You will be sent payments from our clients within the United States.You are to process the

payment,deduct 10% of every payment you receive and wire the remaining fund via Western Union or MoneyGramm to our Head Quarter in

London,UK.I'd like to remind you that this position does not require any qualification whatsoever.

The average monthly income is about 2,500.00 USD and this job takes only 1 hour per day from home or anywhere you have access to a computer.

This space will only be open for 2 weeks.If you are interested in this Job offer, Please do forward the following information written in bold as soon as possible:

Full Name:
Full Contact / Mailing Address:
City :
State :
Postal code:
Phone Number:
Present Job (If Any):
Email Address:

Thank you very much and we anticipate your working with Mailpoint Freight Co.


Andrew Wilson

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poor saps

Post by w8jn » Thu Sep 03, 2009 2:52 pm

these poor dupes end up unknowingly being the middle men for the nigerians stealing money from honest americans. they think they are actually working for some european company. abc ran a special and showed some poor 60 year old grandma being taken out of her house in handcuffs. she honestly did not know she was recruited to be part of a scam. they never catch the nigerians because all they have (when they arrest grandma) is an anonymous email and an ever changing western union drop.the nigerians never touch the american checks. they simply receive a western union payment.
happy safe hoss trading.
paul w8jn

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Post by KB3RPE » Wed Sep 09, 2009 10:18 pm

Sounds too good? Run Like H--L
Or something like that Hi Hi......


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really creative scams and personal info/ID theft

Post by WV4I » Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:13 pm

Thanks for the post. Even if all this "Andrew" fellow gets is your personal info, he's got a lot. Then you'll likely get to put fraud alerts on your credit file, get new credit/debit cards issued, deal with someone's fraud investigators, etc., fun stuff like that. You can't get the word out too much on these scams.

The more sneaky ones I've received lately include the "you've been accepted into who's who's in America", click here to enter all your personal information. Close runner up includes the IRS refund scam, and/or anything else where there's a carrot to induce you to enter simple personal information, much less bank/financial/SSN info, enough to enable identity theft, etc..

Meanwhile, someone with no ham call asked on another thread why he got no responses to inquiries on sale items. Well, he may be an upstanding citizen and all, but how much trouble is it to get a ham license these days? This site is supposed to only be for hams, else there's always Ebay. In the exception of an estate sale, yes a non-ham may be selling for a SK, but why not on Ebay? And then it's all as is, because how does the non-ham seller know if something works or not? Meanwhile, if you can't verify who someone is re their stated ham call, AND other means, still want to do biz with them, then not if a deal will go sour, but when and how often.

Sorry to digress a little, but all this goes to (potential) scams and/or problems waiting to happen, as a buyer OR a seller.

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Life Lock

Post by KD5GYV » Fri Oct 09, 2009 4:17 pm

Get Life Lock 10 dollars is cheap compared to all the scams out there. Believe me it works.

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Post by W4PIG » Fri Oct 09, 2009 5:44 pm

bottom line if i do not know you are have good feedback on or a phone number i can call you and talk to you I JUST STAY AWAY OR TO GOOD TO BE TRUE. my 2 cents worth 73s

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