w8jn vs. n6dxn the peoples court, you decide guilty? or not

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off the subject

Post by w8jn » Mon Jul 27, 2009 5:17 am

gordon, this is off the subject, however, i never offer the use of paypal. i accept pmo's certified checks and even personal checks. i just sold a $13,500 icom R9500. if a buyer asks me to accept paypal as a convenience to him, i will but i am sure not going to eat 3.5%. they have the option of all of the above. if they insist on paypal they pay the fees. many people are under the mistaken impression that paypal offers some sort of buyer protection. it does not!

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Post by w8jn » Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:42 am

thanks for your thoughts. my comments "i sent him a pmo for $895.00 and received nothing" is 100% accurate. please read the original post. we are not debating the receipt of the pmo. we are speaking to the issue of richard selling the rig locally for more money and no shipping costs after stringing me along pretending to wait for my pmo. i kept in daily phone contact with him. emailed him a picture of the pmo, and offered 3 times to send him a new pmo express mail. he sold the rig early on all the while refusing my offer to instantly replace the pmo because he could not sell me a rig he had already sold locally.
best 73 paul w8jn

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Post by ki6mws » Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:02 am

A hand shake was as good as your word. Honor has left the building. Learn it, Live it, Love it, or Leave it. You want to play a 1940's game in the 21st Century..

Verdict in favor of the defendant: N6DXN

I'm puzzled why you wouldn't pay an extra $2 for delivery confirmation that you could track straight to his house online, but were willing to blow how much on an overnight check?

Overboard with the fraud claim, instead of just going with "lost" considering you didn't load up with confirmation ammo. Never get the feds involved if at all possible.

Yes, not getting the prize negotiated sucks, but deals go south for all kinds of reasons; especially when I force things. "It wasn't meant to be" is alright to say now and then. Better when the money eventually shows back up.

Heck, if the Post Office had pick-up like Western Union, we wouldn't have to rely on their delivery qualities and confirmation is concrete.. Now there's a solution!

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woulda shoulda coulda

Post by w8jn » Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:26 am

yes, my mistake on delivery confirmation, however that still does not explain why richard refused three times for an instant correction to the problem. he insisted on putting it off for almost two weeks all the while refusing to let me correct the situation right now. then i receive an email from richard out of the blue"ooppsss waited long enough... rig sold locally, i promised and have to keep my word". he sold the rig two weeks earlier for more $$$ and no shipping. that explains his bizarre behavior. yup... shulda coulda woulda sent delivery confirmation. i assumed richard was honest. shame on me. never used delivery confirmation before. hundreds of hoss trades and all but one honest.

ps... by the way... the only way to put in a claim for a lost or stolen pmo is to initiate the paperwork, and unless things changed while i slept, the usps is a quasi governmental agency and the postal inspectors are federal law enforcement. if the pmo was stolen, they need to be alerted that it may be coming through the pipeline. did i file to early? not a chance and i would do it again in an instant.

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issue resolved

Post by w8jn » Sun Aug 30, 2009 6:41 am

issue resolved. see first post pre script

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Post by k0kav » Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:01 pm

N9LCD wrote:Verdict in favor of the defendant N6DXN.

Plaintiff, W8JN, was no proof that defendant received the money order, much less cashed or otherwise negotiated it.

Plaintiff's complaint to the Postal Inspectors is unwarranted in view of the plaintiff's lack of evidence.

Agreed. This thread has gone way beyond a basic need to alert people of a possible bad buyer.

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Post by w8jn » Sun Aug 30, 2009 5:09 pm

keith, nice harley. i had a softail custom, sold it for a springer, sold it and tried a kawasaki vn2000. even though it wasnt a harley, it was an amazing v-twin. low end torque that was outrageous. took it to the Dragon and had a fantastic time. had back surgery and sold it.....
as far as poor little richard.... if you take the time to read the details, you will realize that richard agreed to a sale accepted my money, threw my pmo's in the garbage and sold the rig locally for more jack. unethical, immoral, yes..... crook?? no... but a ham without scruples or ethics. WHEN A PMO VANISHES, THE POSTAL AUTHORITIES MUST BE NOTIFIED IMMEDIATELY. i would do everything the same with the exception of sending a new pmo. i would not have asked his permission and waited so he could play out his scam. i would have sent a second one express mail instantly, so he had to admit that he sold the rig locally. i played his game and he won. now he looses.... i have been in touch with the ham he sold the rig to locally, and i know how much more he sold the rig for. shame on poor little richard.

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