W6TR - Bob Maser

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W6TR - Bob Maser

Post by kd4e » Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:56 pm

I bought a tube from W6TR, Bob Maser, that was represented as a full-output barely used 4CX1500b. It even came with the original box.

It took me several weeks to find someone who could test it, KB8QXG, and when he opened the box it was a 4CX1000a with only 68% output.

Bob's Tampa-area E-mail bounces and his FCC/QRZ address is no longer valid (he told me that he was moving to Colorado))


Anyone have a working E-mail for Bob, W6TR?

I need to get him to check his stock and find the extra full-output 4CX1500a
that is in a 4CX1000a box so he can make this right.

73, doc KD4E

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Post by k7rdx » Mon Jul 13, 2009 3:59 am

Don`t worry about Bob...He`s been around for a long time now and when his move is complete and he`s in the loop again I`m sure he`ll make things right with you..Stay tuned and keep your ear on the RR track...Jim..K7RDX..

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Post by bjgiacobello » Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:36 pm

Doc, I've also heard that W6TR has moved to Colorado. I have never done business with him, but I have lent him some documents, etc. and had other exchanges with him, and he's always been a perfect gentleman. I can only assume that he's somewhere in the midst of his move. I'm confident that he'll correct the tube error for you.

73, Joe

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Post by AB3CX » Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:01 am

W6TR is unfortunately a profane, angry and untruthful person. If you need a full rundown, ask.

Mike AB3CX

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Post by W6TR » Mon Mar 08, 2010 5:48 am

Right after selling a tube and other amplifier parts to KD4E, my XYL and I moved from Florida to Colorado. At that time my eMail address and phone number became invalid. I was not aware that KD4E had a problem with the tube. I have never owned any 4CX1000A's and the 1500B's that I did have were sold to me as full output tubes. I had no amp to test them. Dave knew the full story on the tube that he bought from. Upon learning 3 months later(from AB3CX, that's another story), that KD4E had left bad feedback on this feedback forum, I send Dave an eMail and he did not respond to me. If he still feels that I owe him something, he can look me up on QRZ where my CO eMail address is listed and has been listed since October 09.

Regards to AB3CX, we were trying to do a deal, his 25 year old Alpha amp for my 4 month old Yaesu Quadra. I had already packed it up and then AB3CX started to whine at me for not wanting to unpack it to take pics of the Quadra. His reasoning was that since I had seen pics of his old amp(furnished by Burghardt Radio where the amp was being repaired), he had the right to see my virtually new Quadra. I blew a fuse and hung up on him and he took exception to my profanity, for which I later called to apology for. We agreed to cancel the deal, no harm, no foul. AB3CX saw fit to write it up on this forum. I ended up buying another Alpha amp from N4ATS who shipped me the amp before getting my personal check, great guy.
Bob Maser W6TR Fort Collins, CO

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