Do not buy from W4OI / HK1AR Tony Rogozinski

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Do not buy from W4OI / HK1AR Tony Rogozinski

Post by K6RV » Sun May 03, 2009 4:46 am

I responded to an ad placed by W4OI on March 12, 2009 for a Jones Keyer paddle.

We settled on a price of $150 for the paddle, and i sent Mr. Rogozinski the money via PayPal on March 13. After numerous requests for delivery of the paddle, or return of my money, and after numerous excuses by W4OI, I filed a dispute with PayPal on April 14, 31 days after sending my money. Hearing nothing by April 21, I escalated the dispute to a claim and PayPal, after investigation, found in my favor and retrieved $145.35 from Mr. Rogozinski's account and deposited it to my account.

PayPal did a good job as far as I am concerned, even though I didn't get the full amount returned.

I would strongly recommend you NOT deal with Tony Rogozinski, W4OI.

I take no joy in writing this about another fellow ham, but hope it will prevent you from having a problem with this guy.

Donald, K6RV

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Post by ne6v » Sun May 03, 2009 5:31 am

As much as I "complain" about's stories like this one that makes me use them everytime I buy an item....conversly every item I sell I prefer paypal is used..."PAYPAL.....I love to hate'm, but I hate to love them..."


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Re: Do not buy from W4OI / HK1AR Tony Rogozinski

Post by trogo » Tue Feb 04, 2014 6:50 pm

This transaction occurred nearly 5 years ago. I was out of the country and obviously the shipment of the key was delayed however the buyer was extremely impatient and filed a complaint
with PayPal that I did not dispute and he received a refund. If PayPal charged him that isn't my fault - they should not have done so. I subsequently sold the Jones Paddle to another happy
buyer and I have made probably 100 additional sales on QTH.COM since that time including a number over the past few months. I have a positive feedback on an Ebay account of 82 with
no negatives. Some people cannot be pleased. I have requested that my friend Scott KA9FOX delete this posting but am told that he cannot do so for legal reasons. This nonsense has
cost me several sales for no good reason. I have been a Ham for 56+ years and am an honest individual. I'm a member of the Central Arizona DX Association - 30+ years, the Florida
Contest Group and many other organizations. Further information and references available upon request.

Tony Rogozinski
Amateur Radio W4OI - HK4T - ex HK1AR - HK1AR/4
HK0/HK1AR and many others
I've been to 103 Countries

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