Another Great Deal With Adam Farber W4AJF

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Another Great Deal With Adam Farber W4AJF

Post by N8LPQ » Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:06 pm

In today's world it is hard to find someone you can trust when dealing with your hard earned money. I have worked very hard to get the feedback I have. ALL POSITIVE feedback and be trusted as a man of my word. When I say something, it is fact. But even then I have a long way to go to have the reputation of Adam Farber W4AJF. We completed a Five Thousand Dollar ($5,000.00) deal. I bought a great rig from Adam. When he said it was mint (The only way I buy and sell) it was MINT. Everything as stated in the add and on the phone. I told him a check for $5,000.00 is in the next days mail. He said the radio is shipped next day via FEDEX. Now I am proud to say we have that kind of relationship that we trust each other that much. The radio and check passed each other in transit. Now I am sure he does not and can not work that way as a rule. That would be crazy. I have never met the man. Couldn't tell you what he looks like. The point I am making is simple. ADAM FARBER IS A GOOD MAN. ADAM IS A MAN OF HIS WORD. Never have a second thought dealing with Adam. Feel confident that every deal will go as close to perfect as a man can make it. Now you have my word when it comes to Adam Farber.

Ed Menasian N8LPQ 30 Years as a Ham

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N8LPQ Ed Menasian, you can trust him all day long!

Post by W4AJF » Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:35 pm

When Ed N8LPQ called me and said he wanted my radio I told him I would ship the next day. I didn't even blink about shipping him a $5,000.00 radio before receiving his payment because Ed is that type of guy, a guy you can trust with NO worries. Of course I received the check in 2 days. As Ed mentioned, I can not deal this way with too many people but there are a few out there. Trust must be earned and Ed has earned his many times over.

Always a pleasure, thanks again Ed.

Adam Farber w4AJF
Cooper City, FL

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Post by W4PIG » Thu Apr 09, 2009 1:06 am

adam is good as gold it is a pleasure to deal with him 73s de :D :D :D w4pig

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