pennradio, AGAIN ! AKA N3DG

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pennradio, AGAIN ! AKA N3DG

Post by kg8lb » Sun Apr 05, 2009 11:18 pm

Heed the warnings about this "dealer". Excessive shipping, very non-professional down right filthy , lazy packing methods. Abusive with the statements after the sale.

I bought an Elmac power supply from this person. It arrived with absolutely the WORST, most thoughtless packing job I have ever seen..period! The item would have been fine but arrived with substantial damage. The seller stated he would have the item PROFESSIONALLY PACKED and at $50 for a 12 pound item, the buyer had every right to expect a decent packing job. It was not at all! The power supply was wrapped in used plastic shopping bag and tossed into a box about 3 inches larger all around. There was also a USED air pillow thrown in. Of course the air pillow was punctured anf the item thrashed around bending the cabinet corners, knocking off paint and finally crushing the bakelite power connector. When pennradio was made aware of the damage from his pi$$ poor packing job he simply referred me to file a claim with the shipper. (BTW ,The ad stated the $50 was for UPS shipping and pro packing but he shipped VIA Fed-X) Of course in most cases it is the SHIPPER who files the claim and with the packing job at fault the shipper. The carrier, Fed-X was not responsible for the damage resulting from lousy packing.. The actual shipping cost was only about $12 allowing the seller to pocket $38 on an item that sold for $40 at auction!
The seller refused to make the situation right until a Paypal judgement went against him. I CAREFULLY repacked and returned the item to him. Almost as soon as he received the item he re-listed. He used the original ebay listing description , photos and all. He never mentioned in the listing the damage.

In the meantime of course I did a bit of homework. Seems I am not alone here. This guy has earned quite a reputation. My little deal pales with some of the other reports on this operator. Selling Icom freebies ? Ridiculous shipping fees. Questionable goods , WOW. I actually received Ebay statement at a SPAM level. Nearly 20 in the first day after the auction end! Seems he has done that crap to others as well.

Check out some of the other amateur radio selling venues. You can easily search under his call sign as well as pennradio.

Better know hwo you are dealing with. I surely will not deal with pennradio .
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pennradio, AGAIN ! AKA N3DG

Post by KB2VYZ » Mon Apr 06, 2009 5:00 am

Be warned, Dennis, N3DG, also uses $uper-$ales when things got hot and heavy with his Pennradio on ebay. Seeing that his feedback is already only 97% with his $uper-$ales ebay ID, it would not surprise me if he were to create another one.

73 de Frank/KB2VYZ
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Post by N4XTS » Mon Apr 06, 2009 5:31 am

Ebay is becoming a wasteland of crap like this. Worthless sellers who pad the shipping cost then cut corners on packaging. It is always the SELLER'S responsibility to file a claim in case of damage or loss- after all it is the SELLER who contracts with the shipping provider for service, not the BUYER. Pennradio has a history of this, yet Efraud let's him keep on keeping on. They could care less as long as he pays his bloated listing fees and FVF's.

Do file a Paypal CLAIM (not a dispute) IMMEDIATELY.
You will have to send the broken piece of junk and it's original worthless packaging to the seller, make sure you get a SIGNATURE, it may cost extra for this service, but you will NEED it for Paypal to refund your money.

Chances are Paypal will rule in your favor once they have proof that the item was returned to him (and you'll need to send it with REAL tracking, so use UPS or FedEX and make sure to get a signature as I said before...very important) and they confirm this with the tracking number you provide, you should get a full refund. Supposedly Ebay transactions are now covered regardless if the seller has or does not have funds left in their account, it depends on the "buyer protection" shown in the Ebay ad. It's either 200.00 or up to 2000.00 depending on the type of Paypal account the seller has.

Good luck...sorry to hear about ANOTHER Efraud victim taken by someone who has done it time and time again.
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Update, the stuff keeps on coming!

Post by kg8lb » Thu Aug 27, 2009 6:46 pm

In the case of the damaged power supply from above:

Paypal rendered a decision against Pennradio. I boxed the damaged power supply for return shipment very well and took photos of the packaging. Paypal assured me that once the seller received the returned PS I would be issued payment. I tracked the shipping and on the very day the item was received by him it was immediately re-listed. Not with new photos showing the damage, not with any mention of the damage. He simply used the same listing from the origianal sale , unchanged in the photos or description. Lucky Dave, the item sold for more the second time around. I felt some pity for the poor "winner" and pretty much shrugged it off.
Some time later I see the same power supply offered for sale from a ham not too far from my QTH. He of course disclosed the shortcomings and was under the impression that the damge was incurred en-route to him. I sent him a PM to make sure this was indeed the same power supply , It turned out as suspected, to be one and the same! He said that the seller offered to send him a A-54 Elmac transmitter pretty much when/if he could find it in exchange for positive feedback. The somewhat too trusting buyer complied . Of course the A-54 never materialized !
We discussed the damage in question and determined indeed it was the same damage that occured during the original shipment. Buyer number 2 at that point filed a claim with Paypal. They were wonderful and issued a FULL refund including the large number that Pennradio charged for shipping.

I got my money back and thanks to a little communication between hams buyer two got his money back.

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is this correct?

Post by w8jn » Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:03 pm

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