N9NOS -Gene Pincus --- Beware Buying or Selling

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N9NOS -Gene Pincus --- Beware Buying or Selling

Post by w9gc » Wed Jan 21, 2004 7:56 pm

Gene (not Greg) (N9NOS) is not a man who stands behind his word!
email address: GPinOS@aol.com

To wit:
Last fall I advertised a Icom SM-8 microphone on QTH. His was the first of many responses I had (including some that were willing to pay more than I was asking). I emailed him that it was his and he was going to pick it up the next day. I emailed the rest and told them that it had been sold.
Next day no Greg! At least 10 emails and countless phone calls (all to an answering machine) over the next two weeks and I gave up.

On 1-11-04 he advertised a TV2 tube tester on QTH. I emailed him and told him I would take it. Again he was going to deliver it on monday. No Greg again!
I have emailed him repeatily with no response. I left several messages on his answering machine but he does not return calls. I know he has been home since he has placed other ads, so the out of town bs doesn't quite get it!
Last night I tried to call him and the phone line was busy for a while. I kept trying until it wasn't busy, then all I got was an answering machine. I guess he doesn't even have to courage to try to defend himself, so he chooses to hide behind his answering machine.

To sum it up, he hasn't ripped me off for any money, only something more precious, my time! I pride myself on being true to my word, it's a shame that some others don't seem to think that matters. Perhaps they should think about it a little and realize that all they can take out of this world is their reputation.
John Lovallo W9GC
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Greg? (Gene)

Post by w8qwl » Thu Jan 22, 2004 7:14 pm

Do you mean Gene (not Greg), if so I have had several dealing with Gene over the pas four years and have not had any problems, he has responded to my emails as well as my calls.


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Gene, N9NOS is GOLDEN!!!!! None better! AAAAA+++++ all th

Post by K0JTA » Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:49 pm

I was very worried about sending the sum of funds to someone that I did not know! VERY concerned, as once I was "bitten" by a fellow ham...

But is not the case, with Sir GENE! He followed through in all concerned points. I got my $2500-plus radio as described. His follow-up with the UPS tracking and telephone calls were also a comfort to me, but I have the impression that this is simply the way he does business!

After the sale was closed, and the product delivered as he had promised, he still took his time and money to SEND ME A MIC STAND!!! -No added cost to me. (We has simply discussed this, but he had forgotten; The mic stand was NOT described as a component in the transaction!)

This is super-nice of Gene. The mic stand WAS NOT PROMISED to me! -He still sent it to me.

The radio system and the components were double-boxed. It was obvious that he had taken great care.

There is another fellow who (I believe) has made an identity error, as his less-than-ideal dealings with GREG might have been confused with GENE. This is too bad; (Please do make a CORRECTION to the bad comments, if at all possible, John!)

Bottom line: Gene CAN be trusted.

73! -Mike- K0JTA

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