N7WQY Robert Moss Buyer Beware

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N7WQY Robert Moss Buyer Beware

Post by n8rt » Fri Sep 12, 2008 3:20 am

Be careful Buying or Trading with Robert Ross N7WQY n7wqy@centurytel.net. Here is what happened to me.

I found an ad by N7WQY that read as follows:

Here is a copy of the ad I responded to:

Sell: Cushcraft A-627013s: (I think that's right) Tri-band beam on 8 ft. ... Sell: Ringo arx-6 6 meter antenna. in good condx $60/shipped

I sent an EMAIL to N7WQY asking if the ARX6 was still available , he sent this email back stating it was still for sale.

Hi Rob

It is the arx6. it is in very good condx. i bought it and only used it about 5 months then sold the 6 meter rig and never bouht another one. for the last couple years it has been sitting in the closet gathering dust. 60 bucks shipped is what i was asking which seems to be the median price on ebay qth etc.

Bob n7wqy@centurytel.net

In another Email I asked how to pay!
Here is his email:

Hi Rob

A postal money orderwould be just fine. my mailing address is

Bob Ross
29144 Berlin Road
Sweet Home, Oregon. 97386

send me your address and i ll get a box and get it ready to ship to you.


I sent the MOney Order and Confirmed again that the ANTENNA was the CUSH CRAFT ARX6, and not the AR6.

( The ARX6 has approximately a 6db gain over the AR6 which is a 3DB Antenna.)

I already had an AR6 and was looking forward to the Larger 6 db gain ARX6 Cush Craft.

The ANTENNA arrived after about a week or so, unpacked it and found the wrong antenna , I sure was disappointed, Robert Ross N7WQY shipped me an AR6, not the ARX6 that he advertised!

This happened the week of late August and Early Sept 2008 .

I have since sent N7WQY 2 Emails asking for the Correct Antenna or a REFUND!

He has not answered any of my EMAILS.

I would suggest anyone now days buying or selling do a Search in the FORUMS like this one "Ham to Ham Reference" and in QTH "Feedback Forum"
First before you decide to deal with an individual.

I did a GOOGLE search after the Fact and sure enough there was W7WQY with issues!

Based on reading the above posts by other hams, Ham Radio Trading has changed !
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Got me too

Post by w0bkr » Wed May 18, 2011 10:54 am

Sold me a receiver that he stated had a few scratches, but worked fine. Well, kinda.

Got the radio and half of it was spray painted black by a 12 year old I suppose, full of scratches down into the metal on the top, scratches on the bottom. Two controls kinda work but kinda don't, inside, found wires hacked up and spliced together (if you can call it that) with duck tape!

Told him I wanted some of my money back as I have a couple of friends refinishing the cabinet and another going to go thru and correct the hacked up wiring and hopefully, repair the controls.

Bob likes to list junk under the impression it is used when in fact, it is either something totally different or no where close to the real condition.

I got screwed/burned by this guy. He is banned off QTH, QRZ and now Eham.net. Goes by SWLOP on Eham.net and has yet another e-mail address.

AVOID THIS GUY. I found out after I had paid him who he was....

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