Beware of Alex, Carl White, HIFIMAN, Audio Connection....

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Beware of Alex, Carl White, HIFIMAN, Audio Connection....

Post by w0bkr » Fri Feb 29, 2008 1:43 pm

Just a note to wary if someone contacts you offering to purchase your item you have listed. Don't know if this guy was trying to scam me or not, but hard to tell with the conflicting stories I was fed before and after.

I was contacted by this individual that never provided any personal phone number, used a business name for me to ship the item to, a name not tied to the e-mails, etc. Tons of red flags everywhere.

I could provide a listing of the e-mails but that would clutter the system. Needless to say, this character stated the money order was mailed. Odd thing, never saw it. I sent countless e-mails to the e-mail address he used but no response to any of them. Funny how that happens that when they think you shipped something, the e-mails stop. Hmm.

Anyway, this character posted a warning on me (that is fine, you won't find anyone that has ever been ripped off by me) stating that he had had financial emgergencies, well, you know that broken record.

Bottom line, BEWARE. Stated money had been sent over two months ago, never seen it. I suspect this individual was thinking I would ship on the thought money was on the way. Never. Until it is in hand, cashed and verified, NEVER, NEVER send or ship anything. A day or two isn't much time to have to wait. Be sure you don't have a bogus money order, and if the individual doesn't answer e-mails after the "transaction", RED FLAG.

If the individual never provides you with a complete name and address (his not ship to), a phone number, his, not some screening front, RED FLAG.

Anyway, be wary. I didn't bite. I knew this character never sent or was going to send money. Don't fall for these scams.

Just want others to know about this incident and if you need more info, I have the complete set of e-mails, etc. All has been forwarded to the FBI for possible internet fraud scam, USPS for possible mail fraud. What they do with it, is up to them.

I have don't my part to alert you.

Again, goes by the partial namve of Alex, uses Carl White, e-mail name of Zenadia Colon (weird one), HiFi Man, etc.

Too many alias's for me. :lol: :?
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Beware of Alex, Carl White, HIFIMAN, Audio Connection....

Post by K4ICL » Fri Feb 29, 2008 2:08 pm

The individual has been banned from posting ads on for some time now.


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Post by w0bkr » Fri Feb 29, 2008 3:37 pm

I figured as much. Posted a post on QRZ about my posting a warning. Sorry, too many facts in hand to warrant concern with this character. All the red flags are there.

I couldn't find the archive posting on this guy, so don't know all his history but I do recall reading about it some time back in regards to scamming individuals out of funds, etc. Sounds like a familiar record with this guy.
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Post by lovehifi » Sun Mar 02, 2008 12:03 am

My name is Carl A. White. I was going to buy a radio from him a while back
and was going to send him a MO. I provided him with my shipping address which is where I work. Some finance emergancies came up and I was unable to send the MO and emailed him that info.

Next thing I know he has called me a scammer on these forums(QRZ) and said I wanted him to send the radio in advance which is a down right lie.
Said he was going to call the Audio store I manage and tell the owner I am using the store as a front for scamming. I have never scammed anyone.
I have sold and bought many a radio without a problem on QTH and Eham.
I do SWL only and now I am a crook according to him. I wrote him using on my wifes email that is under Zenaida, (which is not only my Wife but an active duty Master Chief in the US Navy here in Virginia Beach.
I signed my name on the email as Alex which is my name. Carl Alexander White. If all the people and Hams that I dealt with would step up and tell him that they had good dealings with me then maybe he would stop. I never had any problems with anyone i sold or bought from except this guy and there should not be this problem with him since I emailed him. Oh well-Makes me want to find another hobby.
He jumps to conclusions and spreads unfounded info on the net when something does not go his way. I do not EVER ask for an item in advance before paying. He says I use the store I manage as a front for scamming. I just provided my shipping address, which is where I work 60 hrs a week) so he could know where to send the radio ONCE he received the MO. He also said he called the store and was told I was busy and couldnt come to the phone. I am in meetings all the time and was busy if thats what he was told. He didnt call back and again just posted a Beware notice without trying to reach me again. The store I work at has nothing to do with what I buy or sell except its my shipping address. Im sorry if there was confusion but he handled is wrong and again I never asked for anything in advance. Thanks
_Note: I was banned on QTH because they quit letting people sell and buy without a call. Thats the only reason. My ebay address is lovehifi14 please check my feeback. This guy sounds like an old coot with to much time on his hands. _________________

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Just one other note:

Post by lovehifi » Sun Mar 02, 2008 12:15 am

You wont find his "like" post on QRZ anymore because they deleted it because of all the bad and incorrect accusations he is accusing me of. So now he has decided to do the same on QTH. Again I have sold probably 50 radios over the years and bought as many on QTH and Eham and never one problem.

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Post by lovehifi » Sun Mar 02, 2008 12:50 am

The one thing this crazy nut has done is make me decide to get away from Ham radio for good. I really enjoyed learning all the radios and SWL. However its just not worth dealing with people that spread bad rumors and accusations (that are not true) all over the internet. AND using the store I work ats name in a bad way all over the place. SeeYa

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The individual has been banned from posting ads on f

Post by w0bkr » Tue Mar 04, 2008 12:11 pm

Potential Scammers as you presented yourself to me, are not welcome on many websites. Your constant raising of red flags, (multiple names, tell me repeatedly you sent money when in fact you knew you never did) caused BIG RED FLAGs. I have no idea why you lied about that and then after the fact , weeks later, come up with some story about "financial emergency". What am I to think when repeated attempts to get a response from you after your stated over and over that you had sent money, yet, after a month, nothing shows up.

Were you lying or just too embarassed because you changed your mind and didn't have the stamania to admit it? I told you I didn't care I just don't want to be led to think you sent funds, send my item on good faith and then be out of a lot of money and equipment.

I had no other reason then to think you may be trying to scam me. What woudl you think if someone acted in a similar manner to you? I don't care about the transaction. No one is out of anything. You motives are what was questioned and for good reason.

I have the e-mails to prove my point. Just a couple. When you found I didn't send the equipment your e-mails stopped, even after I repeatedly contacted you requesting verification of the money beind mailed. Silence. You certainly were e-mailing me frequently up to the time when you stated repeatedly, that you had sent money. I told you then, I would hold the items and wasn't in any hurry. Nothing ever showed up.

Glad I heard back from you. I will get a MO out today or tomorrow so
please consider it sold."

Just making sure you got my email confirming the MO went out today?"

After stating twice you mailed a money order, why would an honest person lie about it? The only reason I can think is you expected me to ship before receiving the money since I was led to believe it was "in the mail", and then end up being out of the equipment and the funds. No way. To me and a good many others, that is a possible scam. Many of us have seen it before. And for KK0A to lock it down was inaccurate. I too talked to Fred and he didn't think it should have been locked down either. But I really could care less what is done on another website.

You lied twice about it and got caught and never would come forward, until months later with all this stuff. Bottom line. You had multiple opportunities to resolve the issue and alleviate concerns but you chose not to do so. I have no idea as to why, but I have my suspicions as to why.

If it smells like it could be a scam, it may be. I have no idea. You made no attempt to clarify or reconcile anything.
If you are "offended" by my warning, I am sorry but you had more then ample time to alleviate the situation. I did what I thought was best regardless of a couple of what a couple of self serving individuals on here might state. Many support my action as well (mainly because we have seen this type of scam happen over and over).
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Post by lhk0pd » Thu Mar 06, 2008 2:23 pm

Checked out LoveHiFi14 feed back on E Bay and assuming that is the same person that is being talked about here he does indeed have a excellent buyer and seller feed back rating on e bay with 227 feed back's and 3 negatives that are over 12 month's old. Not taking no sides here but did want to share the info on him..........Larry K0pd
Larry Huff K0pd

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Post by KC0UKR » Fri Mar 07, 2008 1:37 pm

I have to chime in here and add my "Actual Experience" with the accused,Carl White as so far no one else directly involved with him has choosen to step up.

I am in the middle of a deal right now with Carl and in the routine course of research I do before I deal with anyone I came across this thread.

Interesting though I did not come across it here but on QRZ forums where W0BKR began this little "Witch Hunt".

Carl is accused of not acting the way W0BKR thinks he should regarding a "Deal" that never took place.
In addition he has been labeled a scammer and other forms of cheat because he doe not stand up to the W0BKR "Sherlock Holmes" meter of Honesty and credibilty that has allowed W0BKR to leap to some astounding conclusions.

It seems that once Carl attempted to defend himself over there and the thread was closed and deleted on QRZ then W0BKR ran over here to reopen it so his "Truths" could be heard.
Then Carl opened a thread on QRZ attempting to rebutt W0BKR and it was closed as I repeat,NO DEAL EVER TOOK PLACE.

I am only telling my actual dealings with Carl so this is not open to debate,this is what happened to me.

I agreed to buy some very pricey amplifiers from Carl White who goes by the name HiFiMan on another website for High End Audio gear.
Before sending funds I always research the seller which takes all of 10 minutes most times by doing a simple Google search and reading and interpreting what I find and then making a reasoned descision based on this.

When I found this thread on QRZ I looked into him even further.
In maybe 10 minutes more I was satisfied that what was happening here was mostly an unfair attack on someone who does not conform to the standards set by someone else and the attack cloaked as a friendly warning by a Ham pretending/Thinking he is helping others.

I imagine W0BKR is being sincere here but........

It seems interesting to me that I found this snippet from W0BKR as well,

"I always stand behind anything that I sell anyone. I am upfront in the description and if I missed anything, I make it right. I don't get into the argument game with buyers nor will I do so with a seller. I think everyone should stand 100% behind what they sell and do right by the Buyer."

It is clear he has been arguing heavily with Mr.White and without doing his homework first.

I found it simple to verify Carl's Name,Birthdate,Address,Employment,SSN#,Wifes Name and date she bought thier house and her rank and station in our Armed Forces.
It is not uncommon for people to share or use a Spouse's internet access or Email in my experience.

Further I turned up a record of trading in various internet forums that was credible and Trustworthy.

I also learned exactly why Carl was banned here from posting on QTH and it has nothing to do with him Scamming anyone.

The site where I found my deal with Carl employs a FeedBack System that is similar but greatly improved over that on Ebay that allows for fair and honest FeedBack from deals and requires active communication and participation by both parties.This helps a buyer feel some security when sending money that a seller has a proven record of honest dealings including I might add an agreed upon condition rating scale that we could all benefit from here.
His Feedback there is all good and not a Red Flag at all.

I called his Home and Work repeatedly and was able to reach him,leave messages and have my calls returned.Caller ID verified it all too.
Sometimes while people are at work,they really are busy.

The Internet has become a powerful tool for us and can be used just as easily for bad as good.

I do not know what W0BKR intends his words here to accomplish nor do I know why this has become his crusade but his opinion lacks any weight with me as it seems ill concieved and unfair in the face of their dealings.

Don't we have a responsibility to each other to do even the most basic job or checking things out before we broadcast to the entire world nasty opinions of each other?!?

I have only to wonder what the motivation can be of someone who would seek to destroy anothers reputation in public without having first tried to gather the "Facts".

I expect fully that my opinion here will fall on deaf ears as it often does with those who choose Contempt prior to investigation",trust me you are not helping anyone.

Any quick search for my postings will show that I am quick to report both Good and Bad dealings with others and to admit my own mistakes as well.
My interest here is very real and my Money is where my mouth is on this one.


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Post by kf9z » Fri Mar 07, 2008 2:42 pm


Well put. I agree that no malice was intended by either party but referring to someone as a scammer and threatening to call his boss and accuse him of fraud is a bit extreme based on the facts presented. I did not gather form anything posted that Carl wanted the radio sent before payment was received.

Carl - try not to be so quick on the draw and threaten to leave the hobby because of one bad transaction. It happens. I think the seller was upset because he counted on the funds from the sale so something else (possibly) but he must also realize things come up in the real world and not always can you live up to your end of an obligation. I am sure you did not intend or wish that to happen from your end, but it did and you informed him of the situation. Fair enough. I see no reason to label you as a thief or fraud artist.


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Carl Alex White is OK

Post by W4AJF » Fri Mar 07, 2008 4:52 pm

Well, let me throw my 2 cents in. I have dealt with Alex (Carl White) several times over the years and always found him to be forthright and honest, always shipped promptly and packed well with good merchandise if selling, and always paying immediately if buying. I have no problem dealing with Alex and really don't see any reason why anyone else should. This is just my unsolicited testimony based on my dealings with him. I hope to deal with him again.


Adam Farber W4AJF
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Carl Alex White

Post by k5jn » Fri Mar 07, 2008 6:31 pm

It's been a few years but I remember buying equipment from Carl Alex white and the deal was perfect.
A fair price, good packing, and quick shipping.
He does work at an audio store and returned calls and emails promptly.
I remember encouraging him to become an Amateur since I thought we need people like him to become licensed.
I would have no problem dealing with him again.
Ralph K5JN

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Thanks to all-

Post by lovehifi » Sat Mar 08, 2008 12:18 am

Thanks to all that shared their good dealings with me. There are also many, many more that have not posted here. Like I said I would never ask for any item in advance before paying for it. I did have one Ham that asked if he could send me a radio to try before buying. I did try it and even though it did not fit my needs it was returned to him and all was good. We both had the understanding that would be ok. The only negitives on ebay, which was 3 over a year ago, came from me leaving neg. feedback for various reasons and of course when you leave neg feedback that usually what you get back even if you did not do anything wrong.
As far as being banned on QTH- If you go to QRZ, you will see the post from Scott (Moderator on QTH) in reply to his post that I was only banned from QTH because of its policy that non Hams can not buy nor sell amps and transceivers on QTH and that no one had ever reported to him that I had ripped anyone off. The moderator of QRZ also responded and closed the thread.
I will continue to work toward my ticket and continue SWL. I love 2 way communications and electronics. I pride myself on dealing honestly with people and care that I treat the buyer or seller in the right way. That is why his post got under my skin so bad. If their was miscommunication, I apalogize and just would like to put this to bed. Thanks again

Carl (Alex) White

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Post by WN8BOB » Sat Mar 08, 2008 9:12 pm

I too have had dealings with Carl White,my name is Bob Leary WN8BOB,check my feedback,everything I bought from him was exactly as described and at a good price and expertly packed,I would have no hesitations for anyone to have any type of dealings with him,he is a man of his word!! BOB WN8BOB

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One more time

Post by w0bkr » Mon Mar 10, 2008 12:50 pm

I am glad some individuals like UKR had good experience. However, "chiming" in on something they have no information on, is really not debateable here. This isn't a debate and the comments are not appropriate for to this issue as mentioned.

Since those individuals were NOT involved in the transaction (or lack thereof), you don't place posting about this situation that occured. Whether you want to do "business" with me or not, really means nothing. I have never scammed anyone and the comments along those lines made are ignorant to start with. But, I appreciate knowing I won't have to deal with certain individuals in any transaction in the future. Saves me a lot of grief knowing that up front. Thanks.

This isn't an issue about what type of person this individual is. This was a Warning of a "possible" scam. Nothing more or less.

This individual told me in multiple e-mails that money was sent. Period.
Then, when questioned where it was so I could either move forward or move on, nothing. Contact ceased.

Then, the story of financial emergency was mentioned in some posting further up. That was never communicated but was in direct contradiction to the repeated statements about payment having been sent. How can one do both?
As a Seller, what am I to think???

I have to assume one of two things. This individual either lied about sending the funds in the first place (for what reason I don't know), or was too embarrassed he didn't have the money in the first place and had no business stating he had sent money. Again, it really doesn't matter, but as a Seller, I have seen individuals state that they have sent money and on good faith, a Seller sends the item, only to a short time later, be out of the funds and the equipment and they you see the postings in the safe trading section.

Again, I put out a warning to what appeared to be a possible scam, not a transaction that fell thru. Individuals commenting on the issue in that vein are inappropriate in their remarks.

Put yourself in a Seller position and what would you think?

What is the motive of this Buyer? Who knows. Not communicating or being honest causes this sort of misundertanding or concern. The Buyer had mutliple opportunities to rectify the situation long before it became a post.

A warning is just that. If you won't like it, don't read it and move on. Your comments are certainly not welcome being you weren't invovled. This wasn't a debate so stay out of the posting if you don't have something that contributes to the situation as presented.

Again, I have all the e-mail traffic (with date and headers) to substantiate all info.
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Post by bksteadman » Mon Mar 10, 2008 1:53 pm

I've never had any dealings with Carl, the bottom line for me in this thread is neither money nor product exchanged hands. You did the prudent thing by not sending the item until money was in hand. Carl had a change of mind for whatever his reason. I accept "buyers remorse" as part of posting items here on QTH. That better communication could have taken place I can't say as none of us has seen the emails or were a part of the transaction. That I've had people back out of purchases "absoutely." A better price/item was found or something unexpectely came up and the funds needed to be diverted. I once jumped to a similar conclusion over a transaction only to find out that the buyer had been involved in a serious car accident. That's why funds had not been sent even though indicated they were on the way. Did'nt post negative feedback over it. Nobody lost anything here except time and expended emotions. This is another reason I prefer paypal over Money Orders. The money is there immediately and a record of the transaction.

I'm not sure how a buyer who says the check is in the mail and doesn't send the money constitutes a scam unless the seller is foolish enough to send the item before receipt of payment. I have frequently however sent items before receipt of payment with those I've conducted business with in the past or if the amount of the transaction was below $50 to $100 dollars. So far so good.

South of Pittsburgh, PA

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Post by w0bkr » Mon Mar 10, 2008 4:53 pm

I'm not sure how a buyer who says the check is in the mail and doesn't send the money constitutes a scam unless the seller is foolish enough to send the item before receipt of payment. I have frequently however sent items before receipt of payment with those I've conducted business with in the past or if the amount of the transaction was below $50 to $100 dollars. So far so good.

That is exactly how some good minded Sellers get scammed. They assume the best in all invidiuals and when notified that an payment has been sent, go ahead and ship their item to the Buyer. They end up out of the money, out of the item and endless posts about how they lost a valuable piece of gear by being "nice and trusting". It never seems to get resolved either.

I am not about to get into a public debate over whether as to this individual's character or intentions. My experience was anything but typical with a normal Buyer. His actions led me to be concerned since he never bothered to respond or come forward with an honest response to my numerous e-mails. It could have been as simple as "I changed my mind" and sure, that is frustrating to hold something for over a month because the individual states "I mailed you the funds", but more importantly, the quesiton that has never been answered is why would you repeatedly state that knowing full well nothing was sent? What was this individuals intentions? Who knows. That isn't for debate.
I think most intelligent individuals can see my concerns.

None of this had nothing to do with a "transaction that never happened". I stated early on I really didn't care if I sold the item or not but just wanted to be sure whomever came forward was upfront and honest, something I didn't note in this experience.

To post a beware or alert is just that. Be aware and alert. You proceed at your own risk. Period. Nothing simplier then that. to

Some individuals run into mis-communication and most of us are aware that happens from time to time.. However, with an individual that tells you repeatedly that funds were sent, you have to ask "why"? What are expecting the Seller to do?

All could have been cleared up with forthright communication from Mr. White, Alex, or whomever. He chose to not respond and create more distrust and confusion. I have to ask, what would most Sellers think in a similar situation?

To sum it up, what I posted were my concerns and all are welcome to heed them or go on their own risk. I am not going to get into a pissing contest, a debate, or whatever. I could care less if anyone is duped out of their money if they proceed with situations that do not appear on the up and up.

Here are the major e-mails I cut and pasted. Read for yourself.

Sounds great and i will take it if still avail. I can pay via USPS MO or paypal.
Just wanted to make sure you got my email ok? I will take it if still avail and when you figure shipping my zip is 23451.
Please confirm my last response as soon as possible so ifs its not avail I can make other arrangements.
Glad I heard back from you. I will get a MO out today or tomorrow so please consider it sold.
Just wanted to confirm MO went out today.
Just making sure you got my email confirming the MO went out today?

What would you make of this? Would you be concerned, enough to warn others of a possible situation?

I have no idea what the issue was with my experience but it still smells of a red herring.

Caution is always the word.

I have asked Scott to delete all this mess as I have no issues with this individual and others seem to think all is on the up and up, let them proceed. 3 negatives on EBay don't provide me with a real picture or profile. You get that from open communication with someone, not riddles. GL to all.
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Final response from myself.

Post by lovehifi » Mon Mar 10, 2008 5:34 pm

I think what happened is you never got my last email saying that an emergancy had come up and i had to re-roof my house. I apologize if you didnt get it. I know you think I am a scammer but as you have read I do not deal in the way you suggested such as wanting it pre shipped before nor was I banned from QTH in the ways you said. Please be honest. Again I apologize that the email was lost- eaten up by spam filtering or who knows. Please put this to rest. You have made your feeling quite clear. This is my last response to this because this is getting rediculous ,so if you want to continue on, you wont be getting any more responses from me here.

Carl Alex White

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Post by w0bkr » Mon Mar 10, 2008 8:20 pm

This smelled like a scam with the sudden disappearance of the Buyer that UKR seems to be in bed with. For KK0A to come in here and boast a statement he feels important, shoudl be kept on the website he came from and not sticking his nose into this posting that he wasn't involved with and has no info on.

A warning is just that. You proceed at your own risk. I had good cause fo concern and passed it along. What you do with it is your business.

I know of a good many folks that have dealt with Radio Mart successfully, but there are a good number on here that have had nightmares with Radio Mart.

I am not going to debate. I presented the info that I have and whether you read it and take heed is your option. You want to debate or whine about it, I won't bother. I really don't care.

I wasn't out of any money or equipment fortunately because I didn't act on good faith as a good many of us do with each other on here. Who knows what the postings might be stating had I done so.

This buyer made no attempt to rectify the issue long before it became a cautionary warning posting.
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Post by KC0UKR » Mon Mar 10, 2008 10:29 pm

The way it looks to me W0BKR you have a lot more into this than you will admit.
If you simply made your case and left it at that,maybe I could accept your last statement.

As it turns out you somehow needed to repeat the same theory and argument 5 times over in just this thread alone.

Either you are in love with Mr.White or you do care what happens though again nothing at all happened to you.

This says nothing of the fact that you felt the need to argue over on QRZ to the point of having a thread deleted and then continued until a second one was closed and explained by the moderator.

Then you had to run over here and start it all over.

I sure know one person I will never deal with as a result of this and it is not Carl White.

It has almost reached the level of the lunatic ranting on all Canadians recently.
I imagine you will not understand this.

A simple warning is one thing,you have gone far beyond that and in my opinion you owe all here an apology.

I bet you hope this is deleted.

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Post by lhk0pd » Mon Mar 10, 2008 11:13 pm

W0BKR you seem to be unwilling to except a explanation of what happened and his apology. For some one who say's there not looking for a pissing contest you seem willing to continue one......
Larry Huff K0pd

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Deleted QRZ Post

Post by kk0a » Thu Mar 13, 2008 7:53 pm

Hi all, I'm the moderator from QRZ who deleted one of the threads concerning this matter, and closed the other after posting my comments. I have personally seen "hifiman" posts for years and when I saw the negative post I did my own research including contacting Scott myself about "hifiman" being "banned" from QTH, and that post is NOT accurate. Scott does not allow a non ham to post radios or amplifiers, and that was the extent of it. Scott personally said he had never heard of "hifiman" ripping someone off.

While I try to keep my opinion out of it, and very rarely post, and just moderate from behind the scenes, this whole "mess" seemed very unfair and over the top for a transaction that never even took place. I fully believe even if an item had been shipped that if the seller never received payment that Carl would have made good on it regardless.

Warning the community over someone ripping people off is what all our communities are about, watching each others backs. But calling someone a scammer, etc, when there was NO transaction, is unnecessary.

73, Ken
QRZ Moderator

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