DEAL feedback needed..

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Do you think I got ripped off??

Poll ended at Thu Feb 07, 2008 12:07 pm

Should I file a claim in court??
Should I just drop it and move on??
Should I file the claim with USPS??
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DEAL feedback needed..

Post by KC5TJT » Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:07 pm

I purchased an Emtron DX3 from a Laura Krupp WB2YL ( The Amp Lady) The add read..

Emtron DX3 2 advailable see for photos and tech info new cost with shipping is
$6800 for just the amp Amp#1DX3 with super duty HV power supply New GU87B tube with spare tube
included, 3KW CW up to 4 KW PEP comes with spare new main control board, soft start board,display
board $4400 plus any shipping charges.

As noted I thought the GU87B was a typo.. BUT thought the 8 and 7 were simply inverted.. SO ASSUMED IT WAS A NEWER AMP>> I assumed wrong.. Which was OK for me.. as long as it worked well..

ANYWAY.. I got the amp.. Spent an extra $100 just to have her haul it down stairs.. and then $175 to ship it and I included an extra $50 for her troubles.. SO $4750 total for the amp and parts,,

After arrival,, I noted the amp smelled funny,, AND the NEW TUBE was not NEW but had hours on it and per Laura the OLD tube was a bit weak so I installed the ne tube some time back.... ALL AFTER teh amps ARRIVAL.. Still I am excited.. Then she decides to tell me the SMELL is a burnt up fan Just so happen she has included a NEW FAN.. SO after inspection.. I notice the TUBE in the amp was shaken from its socket and FLOPPING around in the Tube compartment.. Then the Transformer she said needed to be soldered in.. Well come to find out because she has had problems with the MOLEX plugs.. She says they are JUNK from the Factory.. Well all this AFTER THE FACT of me receving the amp or as it was in transit to me.. BUT I always got the ITS MY PERSONAL AMP STORY as if she is some sort of HAM RADIO LEGEND and I should be honered to get her own PERSONAL AMP!! So she says.. File a CLAIM.. It must have taken a rough ride or Ill talk you through the process of repairing it.. NOW I am not an amp guy.. So I have a friend that is come up and help me.. In the Mean time I call Rudi and Emron.. Tell him the story and give him the SN of the amp.. He says.. Thats a really old amp and I can fix it W/O any gaurentee that it will stay working.. So after thinking of the $1K shipping to him I am ready to fix the amp.. DAVE w5KO a friend comes up.. We install the transformer.. While installing the amp I notice no less than 5 places on the main control board that has been repaired.. Its not looking good.. So I call Laura.. OH she says.. Man That amp has given me FITS over the years,, Ive had to repair it several times.. Oh she says.. Ive sent all the insurance paperwork to you.. You can file a claim from your end.. I said Laura.. You are the shipper.. Its your responsibility to file the claim.. She says NO I am not doing it.. Remember this.. She insisted on Postal MOs.. and shipped it USPS.. I said.. Look I just want you to handle it.. She says NO.. I told her W/O physical damage to the shipping container the USPS is probably not going to pay a claim.. She just keeps telling me to file the claim.. The tore it up.. SO.. I am feeling pretty screwed by now.. Amy way back to the repair.. we get it all together .. fire it up HV is good I am pretty excited.. AND NO OUTPUT!! Call Laura and tell her.. She and Dave trace it to NO SCREEN VOLTAGE.. SO.. After all this I email her.. and tell her I just want my $ back.. JUST the $4400 NOT the entire $4750.. Here is her response..

b] don't want the amp back, I sent you the claim info . If I was not moving I
would take it in for repair but I'm sorry I can't at this time The amp was
working as it should when it left here and if it had not been damaged in I[
shipping it would be fine . after I rebuilt the HV supply and the PC network
I never had any trouble with the amp in the last 2 years of use. If you
don't want to repair it let the post office take it and take the $4500 to
buy a new deck with out a power transfromer or tube[/b]

SO then I am pretty confident I am being ripped off and I tell her.. basically.. I know she is NOT moving until summer ( which she told me) and thats not an excuse.. and she responds she is washing her hands of it and good luck.. and how dare me accuse her of ripping her off.. Then she says I shorted out a regulater putting the transformer in (she had rigged in the 1st place..( and its all my fault

I know this is LONG and DRAWN OUT.. BUT maybe I am in the wrong?? How do you guys see it?? I am pretty much feeling SCREWED.. I did think it was funny her feeling offended.. All the way to the bank with my $.. I would also like her to resopnd.. She has said she would if I post..

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Post by K4ICL » Mon Jan 28, 2008 2:32 pm

When a customer spends $4,750 for any piece of ham equipment it should be plug-and-play when it arrives. If not, DOB FOB (dead out of the box - fetch it on back).

Why didn't you insist she make the amp good instead of you dealing with the issues? Now you own the issues, lock stock and barrel and she, likely, is off the hook.


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Lock Stock and Barrel

Post by KC5TJT » Mon Jan 28, 2008 4:25 pm

Well.. She was suppose to be just walking me through reinstalling the power transformer.. Thats when it turned UGLY.. Thats when I realized the amp had been worked on several times in the past.. AND to be honest I really do not want to deal with the USPS on the claim.. Thanks


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Re: DEAL feedback needed..

Post by N6VMO » Mon Jan 28, 2008 6:00 pm

KC5TJT wrote:NOW I am not an amp guy....
I enjoy TESTING different types of radio gear with a real passion for High Power linear amplifiers. Life is way to short for QRP!! I would like to brag that I have had and tested about every HP production amplifier that has been on the market over the last 20 years. I LOVE AMPS!! I use to do a lot of buying and selling all types of gear, NOT for profit as much as it was just to have the opportunity to test other gear.

Too funny...and difficult to follow the story.... :D

I should have viewed your website before casting my vote. It should have been cast as ' Chalk it up to experience and get on with it'.

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Good Catch

Post by w0zs » Mon Jan 28, 2008 7:03 pm

Why in the world would anybody say they're aren't an amp guy, and brag on his web page he has had about every make and model in the last xx years! I can understand being an appliance operator, but I'd think you'd know your way around an amp if thats what you like to do. :roll:

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Post by KC5TJT » Mon Jan 28, 2008 9:36 pm

My eyes are not what they use to be.. They kinda scare me now.. I have 4 kidsand one 4 and one 6.. I would like to see them grow up..

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What Good Catch?

Post by kk9a » Tue Jan 29, 2008 12:25 am

wk0f wrote:Why in the world would anybody say they're aren't an amp guy, and brag on his web page he has had about every make and model in the last xx years! I can understand being an appliance operator, but I'd think you'd know your way around an amp if thats what you like to do. :roll:
There is nothing in the ad indicating that the amp was broken. Why should he have to repair it just because he enjoys trying various high power amps? KC5TJT does not say on his site that he loves repairing amps. Since it was purchased from an authorized Emtron service center, I would expect it arrive in excellent condition and if something rattled apart during shipping it should be sent back for repair.

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Post by lhk0pd » Tue Jan 29, 2008 2:16 am

I think the poll rating should answer your question.......
Larry Huff K0pd

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Post by KC5TJT » Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:17 am

I need to clarify.. This amp deal has nothing to do with Rudi at Emtron.. This is a 100% QTH deal from Laura Krupp to me. I do not want it to look like Emtron is involved.. Rudi is appauled at my treatment and is helping me to get the amp repaired, even though it is not his responsibility. He is looking at his business relationships in a different light due to recent events.. Thats all I am asking you guys to do.. THANKS for all the emails and support.. Ive never used this Forum but its been a GREAT EXPERENCE FOR ME!! AND THANKS EMTRON!!

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Post by w8jn » Sun Feb 08, 2009 6:33 am

it is a shame! this gal ripped you off knowingly and with malice. she sent you a dead amp with the attitude that she would claim shipping damage. you did all the right things. she MUST file the claim and they will deny it with no evidence of exterior damage. i am glad you posted this. she is a scam artist, crook and bad news in the ham radio hobby. good luck. paul w8jn

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Hey Steve~

Post by ne6v » Mon Feb 09, 2009 3:07 am

This Laura ....who.... XXAPP she's dirty man! If thats whats going on oh boy she's dirty! Here's food for thought... She says it left there working how is that if the transformer wasn't connected? She is FULL of it!! This gets me MAD, I know you Steve and you're a good guy, and this is just PURE WRONG!! Scott, should contact her as she does advertise here on the site and this is not good business. I think those that advertise here should be of HIGH MORAL STANDARD and at least keep their word! If you are selling junk then fine but SAY SO! ALLOW THE BUYER TO DECIDE DO NOT FORCE THE BUYER TO ACCEPT THE JUNK BY WAY OF SHIPPING IT AND THEN "OH YA NO REFUND"

I can't believe I'm reading right man, she charged you extra for getting it down the stairs!! What in the world!! I've never heard of such a thing. tell me I'm reading wrong.
If she would have said that to me, "i would reply well how in the XXXX did it get up there?" "how ever it got there get it down from there, ENJOY THE EXCERCISE"

Oh Boy Steve, I'm Mad as HECK!!! You're to nice to this person to do that to!

Oh ya, its one thing to buy, sell and replace a tube in an amp but it is a whole other thing to take them apart and work from there... no problems on that with me I understand!

Send Vinney and Anthony back with the amp she'll refund your money!

I use for all my transactions, do you? Here's a link try them out!

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Post by N8ERM » Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:52 am

So if it was MY PERSONAL AMP she said, does it mean the others she sold were stolen? It looks as if you wanted the amp too badly to stop the deal when the $100.00 extra came along. Been there and done that. Steve, remember the deal you and I had? The amp arrived with damage. You and I worked together to get it resolved as Laura SHOULD have with this deal. I sure would not send an amp to "the amp lady for repair. She probable would have to move it up stairs and down and at $100.00 per move all the moves could get expensive.
I hope you can get some help with this deal. Come on Laura step up.
Terry N8ERM.

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