N2TZV Paul Loret - Beware

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N2TZV Paul Loret - Beware

Post by scottm » Thu Oct 23, 2003 1:23 am

His ad:

I have for sale the following;
Icom 706 first edition parts radio. Faceplate is good, needs some surface mount work. a few scratches of course, from alot of service.
Ten-Tec 580 Delta w/280 matching supply. Works well, but shows its age.notch filter pot. should be replaced. No mic. $225+ship.
Extra nice,9 of 10 FT-757gxII by Yaesu every function perfect, plus a 9.5 0f 10 MD1c-8 Microphone like brand shiny new.
I'd like to get $325 for the radio w/power cord and all paperwork, And $125 for the desk mic.That's $450 for the pair. Thanks and 73 de N2TZV ploret1648@aol.com
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I purchased the Yaesu 757GXII. Its not even close to "extra nice" (scratches and chips) and has badly distorted transmit. I sent two E-mails to him in ten days and received no response from either.

Scott Madison, WN1B

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Post by scottm » Fri Dec 19, 2003 12:52 am

The radio had a bad final transistor and open current limiting resistor. No doubt in my mind he knew about it. He never responded (in any way) to my follow-up e-mails.

Now he is trying to sell an FT-102. His ad reads:

RADIOHF - Emergency Christmas Sale.
Just found out one of my "Proud" Siblings families will be without Christmas for the kids without a little help. I Need to sell my trusty FT-102 Yaesu station. The radio has a few minor dings from age,It is clean cosmetically though. The worst point being the AF pot which needs replacement really. Not a problem for me other than Real scratchy when first turned on. Gotta jiggle the band switch usually too.Transmitter section is real strong, and although I didnt put the 6146s in personally, I gotta believe they would test full out. Ive been using the radio on 40 and 20 meters, with a max of about 205 on 40 and 200 on 20. Better than most. an MD1c8 thats nearly new, an FV102DM thats in VG condition but minus feet, thanks to the previous owner, and an SP-102 thats good+.$750+. This is for the kids. Ploret1648@aol.com 73 and lets do this today if we can!!! N2TZV...Paul

An FT-102 (two 6146s) that does 200 watts? I don't know about the "children" thing but I know that a couple of 6146s won't do 200 watts.

I just don't want anyone else to get burned.

Scott, WN1B

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