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Post by tausworthe » Thu Oct 09, 2003 5:36 am

Hello all..I am writting this because I fear something is not correct.

I bought a radio from Mr John Pringle on the 12 of Sept and to this day, I still have not received it. And..Mr Pringle will not answer my email and when he has, has NOT been helpful at all about the radio I bought from him

I bought a ts811a from him that he said he had OVER 128 people that were wanting that radio. He also said in his add that the radio was in MINT CONDITION. I sent him over 500.00 via International POST office MONEY ORDER just like he ask me too. He received the Money order ok but still to this day, I do not have that radio.

Question? Is it my fears or is he not a honest person. John if you read this, please be advised that I am not a happy camper AT ALL. And. am having to take further actions to either eaze my fears. when I do get the radio,(if I do) and it performs like you said, then I will make my amends. But for NOW, I am very unhappy and feel like I have been taken advantage of.

Mr. Tausworthe

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Also scammed by this person

Post by ab0re » Mon Dec 01, 2003 6:10 am

I've also been scammed by this person. See my posts in the ham-to-ham references at for further information. I basically sent him money and an antenna.. he sent me a broken radio 2 months later. He does not answer numerous emails. Looks like I'm out about $125. Email me direct if further information is needed.

Thanks & 73,
Dan / ab0re

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