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Larry W. Goolsby AA4JI - Bad Buyer

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2007 1:03 am
by kd0zv
Wanted to inform the community about Larry W. Goolsby AA4JI and a recent bad transaction.

I listed a TR7 with many options and the PS for sale here on QTH. I got a response from Larry Goolsby AA4JI saying he wanted to buy it. He asked that I send it COD.

I chose to just send it to him and I told him to send me a check when he got it. Yea I know this seems stupid and I knew some day I would get bit. But the fact is I have done many transactions with honest hams and never had an issue. So that little bit of satisfaction from all those transactions make it worth it.

So I met up with Crook #1 Larry Goolsby. He said he sent a postal money order and it got lost. He said he sent another but avoids my calls. I did catch him by mistake on the phone and he promised to get it taken care of. Nothing has happened.

So be advised. Get your Money from Larry up front because he is a dishonest ham.


Here is all his info.

Larry W. Goolsby/AA4JI
(931) 433-2171
95 McDougal Rd. Lot #2
Fayetteville, TN, 37334