Dealing With William H. Gibbs WB4HG ? Whoa Read This First

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Dealing With William H. Gibbs WB4HG ? Whoa Read This First

Post by w8jn » Tue Mar 06, 2007 1:50 am

Bill advertised a Yaesu ft1000d year 2000 and same with sp5 and phone patch. Well fellow hams, I next day mailed him $2450 and here is what transpired. He received the money on a Tuesday, he shipped the next day UPS and it was packed better than any equipment ever shipped to me. I have been hoss trading for 10 years and this was the best packing ever.
UPS tried their best to destroy the rig. The dumbass driver dumped the box in my driveway and left it there!!!!!. MY DRIVEWAY!!!!!! The entire edge from top to bottom was crushed in. Bill triple boxed the rig with 3 additional inches of peanuts and the outer box was a double walled hard electronics shipping box. The rig survived the morons at UPS.
The rig was exactly as described. Beautiful rare ft1000d year 2000.
Deal with Bill, straight shooter and honest ham! Thanks Bill for a great deal, and we outsmarted the knuckleheads at UPS. 73 W8JN

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This is why...

Post by K4ICL » Tue Mar 06, 2007 11:53 am

This is the reason I will not use UPS and encourage people sending me equipment not to use UPS.

So far, I have never had any damage caused by FedEx.

Nuff said...

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Post by N4ATS » Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:32 pm

Fedex Ground Home Delivery is the safest AND cheapest. 68 pounds is $32 to 48 states. I use them ALL the time AND Fedex Ground works Tuesday through Saturday, Yes they deliver on Saturday! Regular Fedex works Monday through Friday. Box corners are ALWAYS sharp and never caved in. I sent over 300 Yaesu FL-7000 amps and never had a bad experience yet EVEN with customers with no packing experience and poorly packaged hardware.
73's from:
18.133 Mhz.

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UPS shipping :-(

Post by N8ERM » Tue Mar 06, 2007 4:27 pm

I too have been there done that. When I buy or sell I use FedEx only. They really try harder than the rest to deliver undamaged goods. In defence of UPS shipping. Watch the drivers on a dead run at every stop. They time study every driver and to cut costs they add more deliveries to see if the employee can keep-up. Although the amateur folks are few in numbers compared to the rest of their business a letter to the company by everyone in our group might help UPS management to realize that they are loosing potential customers daily. As for my part, I have sent the letter.
73, Terry N8ERM

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Re: Dealing With William H. Gibbs WB4HG ? Whoa Read This Fir

Post by n7anl » Tue Mar 06, 2007 7:54 pm

w8jn wrote:UPS tried their best to destroy the rig. The dumbass driver dumped the box in my driveway and left it there!!!!!. MY DRIVEWAY!!!!!! W8JN
I've been getting away from UPS for a year now. Almost always (probably 3 claims in 20 years, which isn't horribly bad, and they graciously paid each one in full), but mostly getting away from them now for two 'other reasons:
~ Rates going up & up, even for basic ground. So are the other carrier's rates but not as much as UPS's.
~ Now requires an ID to ship out any pkg. After 25 years with the same office, I just couldn't accept this baloney. Sorry.

As for the quote above however, that driver can be (or could have been at the time anyway) identified that did this, and I can assure you, having taken a picture of your package sitting in the driveway, and then walk in & tell the story to the manager, and that driver would have been gone before the next morning. Toast, done, gone.

Like most all carriers, the 'real knuckle-draggers' are hidden away inside the walls where no one can see them, and their dastardly deeds. (where's Dudley DoRight when you need him? hi hi).

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FedEx for me...

Post by K6JPA » Wed Mar 07, 2007 4:46 am

Nothing but good luck with FedEx shipping radio equipment. It's the only way I do it. Jim

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Post by KC4GMY » Wed Mar 07, 2007 7:34 pm

:idea: Save not having a FedEx shipping location within a reasonable driving distance, I can't see any logical reason whatsoever in using UPS for home delivery.

:arrow: This is especially true for large or heavy packages such as antennas or power supplies since FedEx will deliver for about half the cost of UPS. Try inputting your package weight and dimensions into the calculators on their respective web pages - you will be absolutely amazed at the savings FedEx offers.

:x UPS is the absolute worst with package care. I am inclined to imagine that they might be playing football with some of the packages during breaks.

:) FedEx will deliver your package in good condition. I have no stake in FedEx, just talking from experience.

:!: I generally use the USPS for small packages valued at less than one hundred dollars and FedEx for the rest.

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Post by KC0UKR » Wed Mar 07, 2007 8:53 pm

Did you know that Fedex maintains a Customer Advocate Center?
The mission is to help defend you against Fedex if/when something bad happens.

Chew on that for a minute.

I ship and receive consumer electronics routinely and my experience is that they really are all alike.

Fedex is often cheaper but I think I have had more really bad experince with them than with UPS.

When Fedex goes bad,it goes real bad.

I have had to call every day and bug the advocates to keep my claims moving forward. Ireally beleive they try to wear you down so you just give up without getting them settled.

I had a claim last year where their advocate on my behalf caught them hiding known damage to an expensive pair of speakers so that the terminal where they were last didn't have the claim charged against them. It took me 3 months but I got a claim paid by them after endless hassle and frustration.

Did you know that what we call "Insurance" and pay for and pass on the the buyer is not really insurance at all?!?
It is merely us paying for a declared value,a surcharge for shipping more valuable stuff. Just try to tell them you had it insured when there is a problem. It is a rude awakening with Fedex.

I am not just speaking off the cuff here these are my experiences.

I do find that DHL does perform at a high level but is less convenient for the casual user.
They handle a lot of UPS ground shipments,go figure.

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