WQ1X ???

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WQ1X ???

Post by ke5tim » Sat Oct 07, 2006 5:06 am

Trying to sort this out...

A few days ago I listed a computer I would like to trade on QTH. I was fairly specific about what I would like to trade for, or use my laptop as a partial trade for. After a day or so I was contacted by WQ1X asking if I still had the laptop, I replied stating yes, and asked what he had to trade.

Now let me insert here, the email I received was from a user name "smoker", so I just had to wonder...

Anyway, he replied stating he had the following to trade:

smoker wrote:

> hi tim got your e-mail tnxs for the come back well tim here,s what i
> have too trade for the laptop 1. ameritron al-811h amplifier like
> brand new fire up once that was it that pack it away because i move
> still on table covered from dust 10 out 10 rate got manuel for it
> 2.yeasu ft990 ac model with the yeasu desk mike i,ll be waiting for a
> answer from you
> 73 ron wq1x

The reply was not specific saying if he intended to trade both items, or my choice...

Being a newly minted Technician, I saw that neither of these two items would do me any good until after passing at least one (plus code) more test...I replied telling him I would most likely get into HF in the future so I might entertain a HF rig to set aside for now. I then asked a few SIMPLE questions regarding the equipment:

What was the condition of the equipment?
Has it been in a SMOKING environment?
Does it transmit at full power?
Does it tune properly?

Here is his reply.

hi tim tnxs for the reply oh before i sign the rig got a few scatches on the top 100 watts built in turner
73 ron wq1x

Okay I guess I got a partial answer on one of my questions...I wrote back AGAIN asking if the gear worked properly and if it was from a SMOKING environment...

His reply was that he sent me that infomation already...I am starting to think I am not getting the whole story here.

I have since wrote him explaining my concerns about him not being willing to answer my questions regarding the equipment, and that he being listed as a Extra class license holder should understand why my questions are important.

I have since received another email from WQ1X offering to "throw in" a Kenwood TM-621 mobile as well to complete the trade. Still not a word from him about the condition of any of the equipment or if it is from a SMOKING environment.

Just curious what you guys think...this appears to be a ham I would rather not choose to trade with.

Just my .02


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Post by VE3TMT » Sat Oct 07, 2006 10:18 am


Something is not right. The questions you asked were very simple and straight forward and he is avoiding directly answering you. It would be simple just to say " yes the rig puts out full power", and "I'm a non-smoker" and he can't even do that. Not to mention that all that gear just for a computer??

If I were you, I'd steer clear of this guy. That's my two cents.


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Run, don't walk from the deal...

Post by K4ICL » Sat Oct 07, 2006 2:16 pm


His silence means he is not willing to tell you about the equipment's condition.

When questions about the condition of equipment are purposely avoided, it it time to forget the deal.

'nuff said...


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Post by W4PIG » Sat Oct 07, 2006 4:00 pm

look out tim this guy is avoiding your questions 73s

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Post by wa4cch » Sun Oct 08, 2006 3:56 am

if it were me i'd tell him to send it he pays shipping for his and tell him if it met with my approvel you have a trade BUT DAMMED IF I WOULD SEND HIM MY LAPTOP FIRST

8) chuck

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WQ1X update

Post by ke5tim » Fri Oct 20, 2006 7:03 am

I figured I would supply an update to this.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in.

After all that went down WQ1X (Ron) and I exchanged a few more emails and he eventually told me, (from his email):

"none of the equiment been around a SMOKING ENVIRONMENT ok hope this well help you too understand"

I explained again that I was not interested in the HF gear he had. Several more emails went back and forth until he had eventually offered: (again from his email)

1.alinco 590 dual band mobile 2meter +440 rig
2.kenwood 621 dual band 2meter+220 rig
3.icom ic 8000 2meter mobile rig

I then asked the same old questions again, Is it from a smoke free environment, and does all of it work? His reply:

"tim let me no what you what for the trade an i,ll give you my answer all the radios work great an smoke free environment so tim let me no ok "

Then a few minutes later I get this email:

i am writing again about trying too make a deal for the laptop do you what to make the deal the 3 mobile radios i,ll even throw in a real nice daiwa cn630 140&450mhz swr&power meter with that deal for the laptop or is there something else you are thinking about let me no ok

Then I get this one:

just letting you no the 3 mobile radios an swr meter will be pack wednesday or thursday for sure one other thing i got to tell you i will be sending a duplexer for the 2meter &220dual band mobile an a duplexer for the 2meter&440 dual band mobile 2 more add ons for with the deal an that well save you a 100 bucks buy them i just figure i let you no about the duplexer

So now he has "thrown in" a 2M/70cm SWR meter, and a duplexer...

Lets cut to the chase...I discover that the battery for the laptop I want to trade does not seem to hold a charge as long as I feel it should, so I go online and order a new one so the laptop he gets will be in perfect shape. I email him and explain the situation and offer to ship the laptop as is, with the older battery and will ship the new battery to him when it arrives. I also provide him with the receipt for the new batery to prove I have in fact ordered one.

He says hold the laptop until the new battery arrives and ship it all at once, (boy am I glad for that).

What happens next is almost unbelievable: He ships the radio gear and I recieve it tonight. I cut open the box and am INSTANTLY met with the VERY strong smell of cigerette smoke...uh oh....

As I started unpacking items from the box I was in shock...the smell was terrible. The Alinco DR-590, the Kenwood TM-621 , the SWR and the duplexer were not only smelly but covered with sticky, nasty tar residue from cigerette smoke...the V8000 was still very smelly but did not appear to have the tar residue. The DTMF mic's were so discusting I did not even want to hold them.

Out of curisoty I decided to connect each of the radios to my power supply just to verify operation...good thing I did.

The DR-590 display was scrambled and a few of the buttons appears to be stuck or inoperable, The TM-621 power/squelch knob would only turn on the radio nothing else, many of the other buttons/sliders were stuck or did not appear to do anything. The V8000 actually appeard to work....it powered up abut not having it programed I could not really test it. I did not bother with trying the SWR meter.

I just finished senting WQ1X (Ron) an email letting him know he will be recieving ALL his gear back and any trades with him are canceled...including future.

My words of advice now echo those who spoke up earlier...avoid this guy.

Just so none of you get taken down the road here are the serial numbers for the junk gear I am retuning to "smoker" Ron, WQ1X.

Alinco DR-590 Twin Band s/n 0003602
Kenwood TM-621A 2M/220Mhz Dual Bander s/n 9080202
Icom IC-V8000 2M s/n 01880
Diawa CN-630 SWR & power meter s/n E05307
Diamon Duplexer MX-214 no serial number


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and now his reply...

Post by ke5tim » Fri Oct 20, 2006 7:51 am

that did not take long.

smoker wrote:

tim tim everything i send you work an was smoke free i can,t belive you are calling me a lier well i had a feeling you were going too pull something like that an my feeling was right well send it all back an that well be iti never had anythging like this happen
an i sold a lot equiment an never had a problem like this before over the yrs never again i am going too ttrade over the internet

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