K4XS item unserviceable/junk...no promised refund....9days

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K4XS item unserviceable/junk...no promised refund....9days

Post by WV4I » Sat Sep 23, 2006 8:10 am

I recently purchased a HAM IV rotor, control box, and manual fm Bill Kollenbaum, K4XS....the text of his ad follows:

>>>These are the first of quite a few rotors I had sitting on the shelf as back up rotors. Superstation K4XS is being disassembled and relocating to KH6, where I will have fewer antennas and rotors. They have manuals, and WILL work. Of course they come with a control box (in good condition). They have all the hardware and the terminal strips are either new or in great shape. I didn't put up junk and didn't keep junk for backups. These are all plug and play. Ask anyone who has bought anything from me and they will tell you about the quality of stuff I have sold. $275 for one, $520 for two.
Phone: 727 375 9503 Email: cqtestk4xs@aol.com<<<

When received, there was NO manual. The lower case half of the rotor had a broken bolt flange (i.e. 1 of 4 broken, internal rotor integrity issue as could not tighten properly), and the rotor base (attaches to mount plate) had a pulled out tap, i.e. left with only 3 bolt taps to mount plate. The controller looked like it had come out of a dirty basement somewhere, with a 1980 build date on it. Some of the mounting hardware and terminal strip parts were corroded and some had obviously recently been replaced. This deal was made per the stipulations in Bill's ad, i.e. no "junk". Well, what I received would likely meet the defintion of "junk".

I then had to repeatedly email Bill, K4XS, re return and refund, only to be told that my email now had been going to his junk folder. But, he finally agreed via email to a refund. Now 9 days later, and no refund yet. He is one day away by US Mail.

I have also called Bill, K4XS, re where's my refund, yet no reply.

If the "superstation" is still up for sale, as Bill, K4XS, states he is moving to "KH6", I would be VERY careful dealing with this seller. I have informed Bill that he would be hearing and reading about this deal for a long time if he did not make it right, i.e. send me a refund. Guess he values his reputation in the ham community at somewhere north of $290???

Bill, pay up, and let's all move on. It's up to you.

Link McGarity

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Re: K4XS item unserviceable/junk...no promised refund....9days

Post by k4xs » Fri Aug 28, 2020 5:33 pm

A friend alerted me to this old post that I was not aware of, so here is my response. As you can see from the other posts, this one is an outlier. Even the owner of this site(KA9FOX) posted a good review. To make a long story short, this guy is someone who would not have been happy if he had gotten gold plated rotor. The post is filled with lies and misinfo. All material promised was included and the rotor was in good condition when shipped. I am not responsible if he damaged it upon installation. The rotor did not come out of a "dirty basement" since we have no basements in Florida. It came off the tower and was bench checked before shipping. You can get an idea of the kind of guy who wrote this post. Believe it if you want to, but consider all the other posts. The only "junk" was this guy's post. I've been a ham for almost 60 years and am widely known in contests circles. Ask one of your contest buddies about me and my reputation. Enough said.

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