International Radio Service Division

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International Radio Service Division

Post by rdrew » Thu Nov 17, 2005 2:47 am

A warning to anyone attempting to deal with Internation Radio Service Division of Ft Pierce, Fl.
(they are hosted by QRZ).

I am unable to determine if they are a criminal operation or just a horrible service operation.

I found info here of someone posting info from 03/04....they also had a terrible experience with these folks. Wish I had found this before I sent my rig.

They have my Kenwood 940, and I am unable to get any info. They do not answer the phones, to not respond to email or fax.

I have assumed my radio is gone. Cannot find if they are really in business.

As the other person...with the post..I have filed compaints with State of Fl and the local BBB (the BBB is a waste of time.. the BBB.claim all problems reported have been resolved)

I will file a compaint with the FBI internet crime division, but the other fellow did the same and they are still on the interrnet scamming people.

Hope others will think twice before doing business with these folks.

I did get my radio back at the end of December, seems to be repaired.

It took over three weeks to get these folks to answer the phone. they
said they were too busy to answer the phone, answer fax or return emails.

I really thought I had been ripped off.

So...not dishonest....just a very poorly run operation.

would never do business with them again.
Dick Drew
Springfield, Il

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International radio service division

Post by KN4N » Sun Nov 26, 2006 4:37 pm

Sent them a TS 570 abt 2 years ago.....took me over 9 months to get it back repaired. Had same problem with no custormer service, a lot of phone calls emails etc. No more for me.

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