Bad Seller - do more research

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Bad Seller - do more research

Post by W5NNX » Wed Apr 21, 2021 11:23 pm

Bought a used tuner from AD7HO and only was provided one pic. Looked basically okay that is until received.
1. Item thrown in box, no packing, bouncing around, corners dented and bent. Blamed UPS packing (UPS never packed like that and the box wasn't UPS).
2. Seller modifed the unit, removed the power receptacle and run a pigtail out the power receptacle hole (WTF?). When mentioned to AD7HO, "sorry, forgot about the mod". Yeah, right.
3. Case had scuffs and deep scratches the pic did not show. Should have asked for a bunch more pics. My fault. Should have done more research.
4. Tuner did not work upon receipt. After investigating found where the wire to the main tuning cap wasn't even soldered up to it. Repaired it and tuner worked. No mention of that issue either.

Seller never said, "picked this up at Goodwill, Yard Sale, etc. and did not test it, as is, operating condition unknown". Believe this guy is just a flipper. Got it, for a few bucks and then turned around and sold it without checking the condition, providing honest description. I ended up ordering a new cabinet cover for around $45, power receptacle replacement for like $10. I got screwed but best to cut and walk away. This guy just wasn't honest about any of it.

Moral of the story: Ask for much more data when buying when these types of sellers send you one pic from 10 feet away, don't tell you the whole story, ask and ask and ask. Most honest sellers know you are unknown and will talk to you. I can fix the defects in this unit myself easily, but I cannot recoop the money sent to correct the item. When asked for a partial refund of just $40 this nut said NO. Okay, I know what you are. Good luck and be safe out there...lots of crooks and scammers out there.

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