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Post by K9KEV1 » Fri Apr 09, 2021 6:54 am

Heads up to anyone buying from Jeff Akley W1NUD.
I answered his ad " WTT a LDG AT-1000PROII Tuner and a M-1000 Meter for a Icom 7300. The ad said..
"Hi all .. I have a brand new AT-1000PROII with a
M-1000 Meter and cable from Meter to tuner and power cord .. used once . Don't care for it . Like my manual tuner...would like to trade for a Icom 7300.
My call is good on Qrz.com. Thank you for looking."
I sent Jeff an email saying, if you don't get a trade ..I'd be interested in your AT-1000PROII. After a couple of days..I called Jeff ...he answered ..He said he hadn't gotten a trade.
We talked ..I asked if he would take lower than his asking price.. ...he said no. Still I thought it was not a bad deal.
So I made arrangements for money to be sent, mind you.. his ad said Brand new..!!
What I received wasn't brand new..wasn't like new..
I received a box of ash trays and cigarette butts..!!!
I was very disappointed...
The outer shipping box WREAKED the smell of tar and nicotine..!! Opened the box..it got stronger.
Bubble wrap, WREAKED too. Opened the inner box..it WREAKED even stronger !! I pulled out the M-1000 meter..it was covered in nicotine . I placed it back in the box..I didn't need to see anymore. It was so nasty I had to wash my hands several times before the smell came off.
I immediately called Jeff..asking for a full refund.
No answer. Left messages, texts, and emails.
He hasn't responded ..
He might have blocked my number.
Good one Jeff. You misrepresented the item you were selling big time..!!
Still haven't heard from you Jeff Akley W1NUD.
This guy truly needs to banned from selling on this site and all other ham radio swapsites.
I wouldn't do business with Jeff W1NUD if I were you.
He's a very,very, bad seller...
Who will get the next box of Tar and nicotine ?

Kevin MaHomes K9KEV
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