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N5FF is a Stand Up Guy!

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2021 3:23 pm
by NF4J
I purchased a Timewave Navigator from Saad a few weeks ago. It is the Silver Case Model (US Interface). The unit was boxed very good and professional like. The unit itself looks to be practically brand new, so it has been very well taken care of. When setting it up for use with my TS480 I had a few problems and sent Saad an email. Not only did he reply back, he Called me on the phone. He is Very Genuine and was adamant about making sure all was ok. I got everything set up correctly and the Navigator works perfectly...I had missed something in the settings that caused the issue. Saad is representative of the Integrity and Character of Ham Radio and I would Not hesitate purchasing anything from him Ever. Thanks Saad! de Danny - NF4J