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Steve Morris(W5BIB) = A very good person with ham spirit.

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 6:30 pm
by AI4FR
A short while ago I placed a “wanted to buy” ad for any books on the subject of telegraphy. I listed the couple of books that I had and made a request for anything else. One day out of the blue a book from 1911 titled “The Telegraph Instructor “ by G.M. Dodge shows up in my mailbox. A fellow ham by the name of Steve Morris(W5BIB) sent this book to me. We did not know each other nor do we have each other in our logs. This act of kindness by Mr. Morris to a complete stranger is proof that the ham spirit, that helping ham spirit, is alive and well. And it will never be forgotten. Thank you Steve for the book!! It will always reside in the ham shack next to me.

John / AI4FR
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