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WE1Z Bad Buyer

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 10:54 am
by mrBarryH
WE1Z Bought a MD-1 Yaesu desk mic from me . He Took it Apart !!!
He did not just plug it in to see if it worked . He took it apart and obviously made a Claim
for Return Postage and Refund . This is not proper procedure. When and if an Item arrives
Damaged or DOA the Buyer does not do REPAIRS all they have to do is Return the Item . Taking
a item apart makes the Buyer a Parts Changer in my opinion. Yes WE1Z MICHAEL J HINCKLEY
Did get his REFUND and FREE return shipping .
New message from: swanman33 (1,033Red Star)
I did contact eBay first. I guess they contacted you. No hard feelings. I’m entitled to thru eBay if the seller doesn’t offer refunds as they cover these things. I am not obligated to pay for shipping for defective items. If everything looked great I wouldn’t want to send it back. It looks like at least one wire has come unsoldered and I don’t want to fool with it. That’s how it came to me.
Mike H

i do not know if he sells on QTH QRZ or Craigslist but he does use Ebay
and if you sell or buy from him B E W A R E

THE $$$ i Lost is no big deal and when i got the MD -1 Back i put it in the Dumpster