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Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2020 6:01 pm
by NF4J
I would like to be able to give K4FX - Bill English, a review...but he Has not or will not respond to my emails regarding the ad he has on here for the Timewave Navigator. It has been posted since 07/20/20 but it has not been updated or marked as sold. I have made numerous attempts via the outlets he has advertised to contact him...No Joy, he will not return or answer my emails. Sorry Bill, I sure wanted to buy it. 73 de NF4J

UPDATE: I finally made contact with Mr. Bill through his YouTube drone flying site. I had to ask several times to get him to answer if the Navigator was still available, which took him 5 days to finally respond accordingly. He states that he finally sold it yesterday (Sunday - Sept 6). I question this whole ad and his lack of response to any communications except on YouTube. I would not attempt doing business with him again, he doesn't know how to respond or has a lack of email quality that prevents him from responding...but he updates YouTube almost daily. 73 de NF4J