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Be cautious of Billy - N4LXL

Posted: Mon May 18, 2020 8:04 pm
by nr7q
Billy, N4LXL posted a MFJ-993b tuner here on He listed the item as fully operational unit. I paid in a very timely mannor..Upon receipt of the said tuner..I tested it with low power, and with the testing complete, I found the tuner to be unoperable as an automatic tuner..I attempted to contact Billy about the issue. He responded, but would not accept the fact that the tuner arrived defective. He does not seem to have a good understanding of the operation of this tuner, and insisted that the issue was not with the tuner, but with me! I was not in any way rude in the first email back to him,, but he would not even listen to the problem I had with him sending a non-operation peice of equipment to an honest buyer. I did allow the interaction to become heated after more exchanges.., and negative words were exchanged..I am sorry for that, but he did not behave in an honest fashion regarding my purchase of this tuner.. I ended up going through this tuner and found a component to be failed in the first stage of input section ..I have ended any communication with Billy because of his insistence that the problem was with me not the tuner., and a flat out refusal to listen to what I imparted to him about this tuner. I sent one last email suggesting some kind of refund ($50 )for his sending out a defective device..and my trouble for having to troubleshoot, order replacement SMD device and repair this unit (not holding my breath on this)..I just want others to know that he does not function well enough to offer items for sale on QTH or any other website. He did say to send it back..but he would not refund my payment..if he felt that it was operational (again he has no expressed clue on the proper operation of this tuner) again insisting that the problem was with my operation of this item, not that I had found it to be defective..I feel sad for his state of mind...But just wanted others to be aware of potential issues in attempting to purchase any used items from him..

If anyone has any questions regarding this issue, I will reply back with complete information, and the email transcriptions (including the negative from him as well as me..Again I am sorry for it devolving to that!)

I will post an added comment if he actually refunds something due to the fact that the tuner was not operation..

Jeff - NR7Q - Arizona

Re: Be cautious of Billy - N4LXL

Posted: Tue May 26, 2020 6:54 am
by nr7q
I am now back to my first feelings about this guy..he sells faulty equipment listed as 100% functional...does not care that he sent non-functioning tuner to me..and showed now concern about his behaviour...His excused for the issue initally was an incorrect suggestionn that this tuner needs a rig interface to operate, and that I was not using the correct interface and cable...WRONG! this tuner does not need the optional rig interface to work...(I was using a new MFJ Kenwood rig interface corerct for my radio...The Tuner was bad uopn arrival..He does not know how to operate this tuner..and his excusses were not valid...AVOID at all cost..Has just left the deal and left me with bad tuner..

Email for further info..

Jeff - NR7Q