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N8VZ – simply awesome!!

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2020 5:01 pm
by AI4FR
Made a recent purchase from Carl – N8VZ. Actually it was several items and all were packed very well. Sadly one of the items arrived damaged. Great I thought, now I must send off the dreaded email about the damage. One just never knows how these types of emails will be received by a seller. We all hate getting them. Whose fault is it? Was it the shipper, the seller, or the idiot buyer with a new item? We’ve all been there and on both sides of the aisle. Sometimes you never hear back from the seller, they are long gone and with your money. In Carl’s case though it was not an issue. He accepted the news gracefully and apologetically. He really cared!!! He really did. A resolution was quickly reached that was beneficial to both sides.

In short, have no fears about buying any items from Carl, N8VZ.

Thanks Carl!!!

John / AI4FR