K4ZVY Scam! A very good example why you never use PayPal friends and family.

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K4ZVY Scam! A very good example why you never use PayPal friends and family.

Post by K7HN » Thu Nov 14, 2019 12:39 am

Hi everybody!

I’m the buyer in a transaction with Danny Beck, callsign K4ZVY.

Watch out when ever purchasing ANYTHING from Danny J Beck K4ZVY. My transaction with him trying to purchase a Yaesu FTDX 5000 has been a literal nightmare. With me paying him his money right away and six days after agreeing to three day shipping I still don’t have the rig I purchased from him.

I’m really grateful to have a wonderful Elmer in Sandor Wetzel KG4FET. He’s help me with everything from coax matching to rigs. But one of the first things he taught me was never to use PayPal “friends and family” for any transaction you do on PayPal.

Watch for red flags when dealing with anyone that you’re purchasing an item from

I had to deal with Danny Beck, K4ZVY on a Yaesu FTDX 5000. Danny and I agreed that after I paid him, the rig would be sent out three day shipping that morning. Danny never sent it out instead saying he was “really busy and it would need to wait four more days until shipment.“

Big red flag.

Then he stated that he would ship it on his break, which he didn’t, he shipped it he said late that night. He gave me a shipping company that you cannot track shipment information on as well as no working email or phone number for

Second major red flag.

Ask him what was going on and then he accuse me of “nagging him.“ really? I’m nagging you regarding purchasing such an expensive rig because I can’t see that it’s been sent and can’t track it?

So I contacted PayPal and open up a claim.

HERES The important point you all need to know if you’re afraid you’ve been scammed.:

I told PayPal that he was not performing and gave me a shipping company that literally does not exist. They saw that I had contacted Danny K4ZVY Multiple times through PayPal asking where the rig was and to respond. this is something you have to do over the phone talking to a PayPal representative. Otherwise they’ll make you wait longer until you can escalate the claim!

Because I contacted PayPal customer service by phone and they saw all the attempts I had me to contact Danny, K4ZVY, They immediately jump to the claim up to “escalation status.”

Now this is important because it immediately freezes the money you paid so the seller can’t touch it and sets the clock on when you will get your money back if you’re being ripped off.

Of course you want that clock to start sooner rather than later. If I had not called them when I did I would have to have waited two additional days to start the clock on getting my money back.

The key here is NEVER EVER Buy something friends and family through PayPal.

Because I have the buyer protection through PayPal because I didn’t use “friends and family“ my money is safe. And by the way… It’s now been six days since I purchased this rig and I still don’t have it.

Look out when working with this Ham. He’s certainly not kept up his end of the bargain in our transaction. Don’t let him mislead you as well.

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