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Bad Seller

Post by isKDOUSA » Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:29 pm

Bad Seller KI0NN

Post by isKDOUSA »
I Replied to a for sale on here last week . The seller is : KI0NN DAVID L DOONAN GREAT BEND KS I purchased a Used MFJ-259 . it arrived double boxed wrapped in small store plastic bags. No
bubble wrap nothing to protect it. The power supply is Not a Matching power supply for or from MFJ.
He told me it was his but the item has what looks like Yard Sale or Flea Market Stickers on it . The user manual has property of lables on it . As per reading the user manual i did check to see if the unit had been shipped with or without a 9V battery in it. Only to find Cut and Taped wires inside the MFJ 259 , NO Battery installed. Cut Wires No Soder just Electric Tape. i need not tell all the readers more
i believe you can decide if you ever want to purchase anything that KI0NN Sells on QTH or Other sites
this post is from KD0USA Barry Palm Beach County FL
good luck to all

AFTER ALL THIS ABOVE i the next day or so latter Tried to USE the MFJ 259 only to discover its BROKEN the Knob for the Freq Mhz is Non Functional THIS meter analyzer was published as
his personal meter and it arrived to me with Little Round stickers on it like the kind you see at
Flea Markets and Ham Radio tail gates Even the User Manual had stickers on it and hand written
on it Property of ??? THIS ITEM IS GOING INTO THE DUMPSTER i wont even send it back im convinced
tha THE SELLER is a LOOSER Buyers Beware I only lost Eighty bucks but it could have been worse.

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