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Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 6:41 pm
by k9ike
Martin posted an Icom 756 proIII for sale. He stated a price and asked for offers. I offered a sum less than asking
and he agreed and gave me his paypal info. I sent funds within 10 minutes after we spoke. 2 days later I got a note
from paypal announcing a refund. He has since refused to take my calls or answer emails. Obviously he got a better
deal. There should have been no other deals since we agreed on a price. He pulled this same trick on an amp he
offered for sale a few months ago. I would avoid this guy if I were you. his word means NOTHING!


Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 1:20 pm
by w5lw
You know it amazes me how hams will post complaints and not give the whole story but spin it to make it look like they are the victim. First off N8FVJ why are you posting on my feedback, I have had no dealings with you. Secondly W7RY yes I undid our deal but it was a delivery to Joplin and you sold the item at Joplin I was going to trade for for more money than the 7600 was worth so quit bitching. I know this because I talked to the buyer, yes I was there 2 tables down from you. This also occurred almost a year ago and you're just now complaining. Thirdly K9IKE you called me while I was driving across Texas and I told you that, when I got to my destination and finished with the wedding I was attending I checked my email and another ham I was dealing with also had already paid according to the time stamps. So I refunded your payment and I explained this in the note on your refund but because you didn't get your way you want to bitch about me. Get over yourself. I am sick of the only people leaving feedback are the ones that don't get their way. I think it speaks alot of W7RYs character when just a week ago he jumps on board for deal that didn't materialize almost a year ago. So say what you must, do what you must, my deals are honest and always come with a money back guarantee. 8)


Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 12:04 pm
by k9ike
Nice try. But how would I have your paypal info unless you gave it to me? And why would you give it to me if you had a
deal pending? ( of course you NEVER mentioned anything of this ) I made you a legit offer less than your asking price and
you accepted it. And you pulled this on me before,a few months ago. We had a deal on an amp. You welcomed and even
encouraged a trade. After bargaining, we agreed I would ship you my amp with extra tubes, in exchange for your amp.
We were to ship at the same time and when I didn't hear from you I called and left message, I had already sent you funds
thru paypal, Which you cancelled without notice to me. Had I not checked, I would have shipped my gear for NOTHING!
What a mess that would have been. What you do is, agree to a deal until a BETTER deal comes along.
This is no "mistake " or "accident" And yes, you are UNTRUSTWORTHY as stated!