KK4WS - Great Seller

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KK4WS - Great Seller

Post by N1XAV » Sun Feb 10, 2019 7:13 pm

Hello, I purchased a very nice speaker from Tim. Great Seller, honest and dependable. Thanks Tim !

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Re: KK4WS - Great Seller

Post by k0xp » Sat Feb 16, 2019 7:00 pm

I second the motion. I bought a Heathkit SB230 from Tim, although he had no idea of its operational status and advertised it as "untested". After receiving the amplifier, and giving it a careful eyeball examination, I ran it up on a Variac for several days (with the 8873 filament disconnected) and it turns out the amplifier works fine (although the meter illumination bulb is bad). Tim had the amplifier double-boxed per my request. As one might expect, the heavy power transformer did manage to bend the chassis just noticeably, but that's not Tim's fault, it's the fault of those dolts at FEDEX who believe that red FRAGILE!!! stickers mean that you can toss and/or drop a heavy box with impunity (and, of course, I also share some of that blame since I did not have the power transformer removed and shipped separately, which Tim could not do in any case). Despite that slight damage, the amplifier looks great, works just fine and the very-slight chassis damage won't be noticed by anyone without removing the covers and specifically looking for it. I'm happy and satisfied (although NEVER with FEDEX, whom I despise) and of course, recommend Tim as a reliable and worthy person to buy expensive equipment from.

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