A GREAT seller !!!!!, KG8EK

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A GREAT seller !!!!!, KG8EK

Post by NHCBer » Fri Jan 04, 2019 11:25 pm

I wanted to express my Extreme pleasure in dealing with Roy Ulko (KG8EK) on a recent transaction.

Roy had advertised a Browning Mark IV C.B. radio for sale on the QTH Classifieds website. I jumped on it, as I was looking for one.

I cannot express in words what a fine gentleman he is.

Roy spoke to me in length on the radio's condition, it's faults which are almost non-existent, and especially what repairs he had done to make this radio I purchased from him a long lasting rig.......... Browning, in a rush to put this model to market, had "side stepped" some faults, which were later corrected in the later model Mark IVa.

After a lengthy, phone call (90 minutes?) I agreed to Ray's price without hesitation, knowing full well what a repair cost is to get these radios up to snuff.

During this time, my Pay Pal was slow to fund (7 days). I communicated with Ray during this time, and not once did he question what I told him. Again, Roy is a man of integrity and honor.

The package arrived this week.

I'm not unfamiliar with shipping, I all ways pack "bomb proof",,, Roy took it up to the next level and to say "Nuclear Bomb Proof" is an understatement.

Double boxed, heavy duty boxes. Both the transmitter, receiver and microphone were rolled in Bubble wrap, covered in plastic, each in their own box inside a larger one. The boxes, BOTH boxes were then lined with Styrofoam sheets. He also sleeved all the vacuum tubes inside with bubble wrap, and packed around them to make them secure.

It took me a good 45 minutes to unpack everything, I bet he spent at least that much time packing it. This package could have been shipped around the world and arrived back undamaged!

And naturally, the radio far exceeds my expectations. I've been Rag chewing on it the last 24 hours.

Roy, I can't wait to do business with you again!!!

John D Loveridge

"Cyclops 20/20"

Rochester NH

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