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Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:18 am
by k9ike
Contacted Mark regarding an Icom 756 pro2 he posted for sale. We spoke on the phone and agreed on a price, but
haggled a bit on shipping cost. He insisted on having rig professionally packed and shipped from the UPS store at my
cost. I was a bit reluctant because of the additional cost. Anyway rig arrived by FEDEX not UPS as he insisted. as soon
as I felt the package I knew it was not packed very well because it felt "loose". So I got out my trusty cell phone and
began to video the opening, unwrapping and the testing of the radio. The radio produces a steady carrier of 200w
regardless of mode or power setting. I've had 3 of these rigs so I'm familiar with its operation. I called Mark within an
hour after receiving and left a message. He first assumed I didn't know the radio. Then I sent him the 3 videos I took.
He accused me of stealing parts from the radio! Pretty much the end of any civil conversation for me.
I will dispute this transaction thru Paypal. But I do have questions. Who packed the radio that I paid to have packed
PROFESSIONALLY? And why the accusations with no proof whatever? Either he sent me damaged goods, or the rig
was damaged because he packed it on the cheap and thinks I should just eat it. I DON'T THINK SO!