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Post by f4epilot » Tue Aug 16, 2005 1:44 pm

This person is a bad scammer. I bought a power supply from him that was "tested and in good working condition". It arrived to me and it does not work. If fact, before I plugged it up, I checked all the fuses and one was blown. He said it was not necessary for the Power Supply to work on DC. Upon futhur investagation, another one on the inside was blown as well. It was on the DC power board and is necessary for it to work. One of the blue caps. has a hole punched thru it. I made him aware of the problems, and sent him pictures of them, and he refuses to do anything about it. In fact, all he can do is use profanity, and his lack of using it well seems to indicate a lack of education. He says he has pictures of it being tested but will not send them to me. I have never seen a picture of it being tested. I made him numerous offers to remedy the problem. All of them involved ME loosing money (which I already have). He will do nothing to help. I have all the pictures and the corrosponcences and the supply and any one that wishes, ,may view them. Just write me. If anyone has had dealings with this person,, please let me know. I intend to file this complaint with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center Division of the FBI also.
Please be very aware that you may get screwed, as I did, by Paul Kaplan,,N2FOB

This is an addition to my recent post.
I am relisting the piece of junk FREE to any one who wants it. If I can not give it away,,I will throw it away. I WILL NOT send it back to him now as he has proved to lie and steal and is not to be trusted. If I send it back to him, he will not give me my money back and he will turn around and screw someone else, who like me, does not have a lot of money for the hobby. Ain't gonna happen.

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Paul Kaplan -Not a good trader

Post by N8GPQ » Mon Sep 26, 2005 6:11 am

Several months ago I too had dealings with Paul Kaplan. I purchased a service monitor from him and it arrived damaged (very poorly packed). Fedex told me the shipper had to file the claim on this for me to collect insurance. I sent numerous emails asking Paul help me file a insurance claim and soon his emails ended--end of story--no more emails from him on the subject and no help. I have since sold the monitor for parts or repair to help recoup my losses on this. I suggest anyone think twice about dealing with this individual.

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Post by wx1f » Mon Apr 14, 2008 10:22 am

Hello all..I'm adding my experience to the list. In Mar 2008, I had posted a tuner for sale...and N2FOB was the first responder. First he offered trades, although my post asked for cash. One trade offer was the famous power supply and I am so glad I didn't take one, after reading about them. Then...after 3 weeks of waiting for a ghost money order that never seemed to arrive, I asked for either a scan of his POM receipt or at least the number, so I could see two things. If it had actually been purchased and if someone had stolen and cashed it. I got blasted. Accused of trying to get paid twice, and acting "like a parent". No proof of a POM was ever given to me. I was told another would be sent and I was TOLD to return the first one, should it ever appear. So....reposted my tuner last night and cancelled the deal this morning. If anyone wants copies of my emails from this gent..I have saved them.

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Post by wa4cch » Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:42 am


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