KA0RYT -- Bad Actor

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KA0RYT -- Bad Actor

Post by k5qe » Tue Jul 26, 2005 1:58 am

Ron Bergantzel, KA0RYT, told me he had an LunarLink UHF amplifier and power supply for sale. I agreed to purchase same for $1300 + $100 for shipping. Later I found out that the amp really belonged to Tom, KC0W, who was selling it because of a divorce. I sent the money to Ron in October 2004. I did not receive the amp. I called him repeatedly and got excuse after excuse as to why he had not sent the amp. I called the manufacturer and found out who the original owner of the amp was and contacted him(Tom, KC0W). He was horrified that Ron had not shipped out the amp. Tom went to KA0RYT's place of employment and found the power supply, minus the transformer, boxed up and ready to ship. Tom picked it up and shipped the P/S to me at his expense. Months passed and still Ron refused to ship out the amplifier RF deck or the transformer. I had our Sheriff call Ron and tell him that I was going to swear out a warrant against him if he did not send the amp and transformer on to me. Ron finally shipped out the RF deck. Then more calls and more excuses followed over the transformer. Finally, I asked Tom, KC0W, to go get the transformer and to mail it out to me. I paid Tom for his expenses and for his help, so that he would not be out any more money. Tom told me that Ron did not pay him the $1300 that I had sent for the amp. Ron had given Tom a bunch of small payments that totaled about $850!! So Ron stole $450 from Tom on this transaction as well.

Ron has cheated several Amateur Radio ops in Europe as well. Check out URL= http://www.df6na.de/df6na/fraud.htm

Bottom line is that Ron Bergantzel, KA0RYT, cannot be trusted. His excuses are just complete fabrications--don't believe them or him. Do not do any business with this guy.

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