Wendell, AE6WR

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Wendell, AE6WR

Post by ad5md » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:53 pm

I don't like posting messages of this nature but I believe it is a moral obligation on my part to warn others. Beware, or better yet....DO NOT DEAL with Wendell Paypa, AE6WR. He is a scum bag. There was also a post on the feedback forum here about him but it was too late when I read it. Sad part, I know him personally from waayyyy back and was not expecting him to pull one on me.

It would be too long of a story if I post everything here. If you want to know all about it send me a message with your email address and I will reply. 73, Ernie AD5MD

Latest update as of 30 mins ago....was informed by people I have reached out to who knew him...he might have moved out of CA to either TX or TN. Watch out for him posting items for sale! He has top of the line equipment pictured on his bio but wouldn't settle a small amount he owes!

Ernie, AD5MD

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Re: Wendell, AE6WR

Post by ad5md » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:12 pm

I am posting this for those wondering what the issue was....warning...this is a long one.

Item purchased from AE6WR...Heathkit SB-1000 in clean, good working condition as he claimed when I spoke to him over the phone. Pictures sent by him and received by me prior to my overseas trip, price agreed by both parties, $600 shipped (July 22)

July 31 - payment sent thru PayPal as "friends/family"...yes as friends/family since I know him personally
- called him same day to notify payment has been sent, he acknowledged and initiated transfer to his account right after we spoke
- was told the amp will ship in 2 days

Aug 2 - no advise or any communication from him re: shipment.
- contacted him several times thru text messaging, phone call, fb messaging...no response

Aug 4 - called him again, he finally picked up telling me he is busy and won't be able to ship until after 2 more days

Aug 6 - still nothing....contacted him again and was told it will ship next day

Aug 12 - amp received, inspected inside/out...good! No visual damage

Aug 13 - hooked up the amp.....left powered on, standby for 15 or so minutes.....tuned with 15w to start with.....65w out (hmmm)....used an LP-100A Digital Vector RF Wattmeter....increased drive to 35w....278w...not looking good. rested the tube.....next key, the grid current meter deflected negative and no output! Indication of grid to filament short! Contacted him right after, took 2 days to respond.....phone keeps rejecting calls and saying subscriber presently not taking calls (go figure that out, fishy). Spoke to him and asked why he was not picking up my calls....was told he was having problems with AT&T, that they messed up his account for 3 weeks now and he is still fighting for it, really???? Anyway I Notified him of the problem.....he denied the amp having a problem, of course.
I told him to send me a replacement tube. He said yes, he knows someone who has an extra and that he will get it that same night and send it right away. Gave me another number, presumably his office number....and it turned out to be a Magic Jack (who in the hell would have an office using such???) Good, but no.....had to chase him thru calls, text for more than a week only to be told that his friend broke the tube the day he was supposed to pick it up.....lame excuse in my opinion. I told him to just send me the money so I can get it myself and that I will shoulder the shipping so he can save both tax & S/H, fair enough, right?

Long story short......didn't send it, not until I was forced to call the attention of his wife on her facebook account to tell Wendell to talk to me....still nothing. I then decided to post publicly on his account about the problem and his acts. Started getting calls and text messages from common friends inquiring what happened. I presume he was notified by a common friend about it so he called me and promised he'd send the money thru my paypal account. He did, but as a check payment which of all luck, bounced for non-sufficient funds so I didn't get it. Tried reaching him again for the nth time (tiring and stressful right?)...took days again before I got hold of him and told him his payment bounced. He said it was the banks fault, I just laughed at him and reminded him had he forgotten that I was an Asst. Manager of a large commercial bank before I migrated here, that I know how it works with my eyes closed. He said he cannot afford to send me the remainder but he will work on it.....my message to him that I can ue him in a small claims court didn't even fizzle him.....last time I heard from him....Sept. 3!

To cut it shorter.....from the period Sept 3 'til now......NADA! I have reached out to common friends, even people from his religious church to reach him but didn't work. Until I was told by someone who knows him that He and his family possibly left CA and moved to either TX or TN. That was why he wasn't scared of being sued.

So by all means I guess I have all the reason to conclude that sad to say, Wendell Paypa, AE6WR, whom I know personally from many years back way before we both migrated here.....is a scum bag, con artist!

It pains me to expose this since he is (was) a friend but as I have earlier mentioned, I consider it my moral obligation to warn others.

I hope I have satisfied the curiosity of the people who have read my earlier post.

de Ernie, AD5MD

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