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Post by kc0gnn » Thu May 18, 2017 3:49 pm

Please use extreme Caution when dealing with Jim Agoe. He has excuses for not shipping when he promised. (Over a week later.)
Excuse for Poor packing. No Double box as agreed to.
Excuse for item being Damaged in shipping. USPO Fault.
Excuse for not insuring for the $ amount paid for item. (As promised)
Excuse for Not refunding my money as agreed to.
Excuse for not responding to my Emails after he promised to refund my money back.
Excuse for not answering phone calls. (Son lost his phone)
But as soon as I contacted PayPal and they advise me to filed a clam. He Appears out of nowhere. Use PayPal and
Just be Careful people with who you buy from. Look them up first on feedback forum as I see Now that he has had problems in the past with outher transactions.

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Post by Sydney » Fri Jun 22, 2018 8:41 am

This guy is a parts swapper....item was packaged well an"got damaged" in shipping. I told home I would cover an extra fifty dollars since I only insured it for that...He refused. I told him send it back to me and I would refund his money....conveniently, he refused to do so unless I SENT HIME A REFUND FIRST????? He dragged it out for almost a month I til he realized PayPal wouldn't refund him til he returned the item to me, as I stated from the beginning. I never said I was double boxing a freakin tuner, and I couldn't ship for a week later due to family and health issues. Took him a month before shipping item back with the meter mysteriously unsolder and pulled apart. His refund was prompt after receiving the item back. No dents or scratches....just the meter. He I see a parts scammer and was trying to keep the tuner stating damaged in transit, wanted me to refund before I got the unit back, and fought it tooth and nail..he didn't realize how pay pal worked or he wouldn't have tried to get a refund before he returned the item....unless he was trying to keep the tuner and get the refund. People like this shouldn't be aloud to write bull crap like this guys story. BEWARE.....PARTS SWAPPERS AND THIEVES ARE EVERYWHERE.

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