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W8OIZ, Dishonest to the core

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:39 pm
by k9ike
Bad experience with this guy. Always wanted a ft 1000d. But never wanted to pay too much. After all this
is a pretty old rig. Anyway found one posted on this site. He described radio as having a case in need of care
and sent pics. When asked of condition otherwise he says no problems radio is 100%. Not the situation at all!
Radio has a dim display that may need who knows what. According to him I should expect that because its an old
radio. Age has nothing to do with it! If it's 100% it shouldn't need repair. Because there's no one in my area to fix
it I have to ship a 75lb radio to wherever. What a pain in the %$#@! This is a dishonest guy for sure. NEVER AGAIN