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Post by W7BKR » Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:15 pm

I recently was contacted by an Op that I thought would be an easy transaction. Usually, they are. Instead, this turned into one big headache. K8MAB contacted me about a like new radio I had for sale, and wanted pics beyond what I had posted. Okay, I sent them. Then he asked about the model number which was clearly stated in the posting. Wanted to know if it was a different version, I said no, look at what was posted and try reading it slower. Wanted pics again, I told him to look at the ones sent. Asked about the condition. Again, told him to read the post. Over and over this went. I can't make you feel another way if you are so paranoid or anal. It is what it is. A like new looking, properly working radio. Period.

We had a family emergency and I told him send me your phone number and I would call when I have a moment, that would be nice for me to call instead of him catching me between hospital runs or at the hospital. I really don't want to deal with this continually at this stage of events, however, I was more than willing to give him some time. Not sure what more he could drill into to find out what has already been stated in emails, the posting, etc.. He never would provide me his phone number. Doesn't realize that his number would show and mine would show no matter who calls whom? Beats me. He wanted MY phone number, which I told him this isn't really convenient for him to just call when he feels the urge, as we have been in and out of the hospital for hours on end for the past 4-5 days. I told him I wasn't sure where I might be hour to hour, but assured him I would call during the day. I again, asked him for his number and told him when I am free tonite, I would call.
Man, I never work this hard for a sale on a swap board, but this was beyond realistic. I gave up, just not worth it. I have been burned by anal folks before, paranoid ones, etc. I told him to forget it. It just isn't worth it to me for him to continually badger me when I am with my family or with the doctors just to talk about a radio. Its my item, which is listed well below market value for its model, condition and accessories. Can you just not make a decision based upon the scads of info you already have?

Now I have a headache dealing this individual but finally over.

Guys, when you want to purchase something, READ THE POSTING and then ask intelligent questions not ones already addressed in the posting or pics, provide a phone number if you want to call (most ops are willing to talk back and forth), etc. and make a decision. If you have been burned by a bad Seller, keep in mind, many of us have been burned by Bad Buyers too.

Sometimes, believe it or not, we are not out to make money but find a good home for a good piece of equipment. Otherwise, visit a used equipment dealers website. Please. :roll:

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