n4dsp Jon BEWARE

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n4dsp Jon BEWARE

Post by wb9otx » Sun May 22, 2016 3:18 pm

N4DSP Jon = a legal scammer
n4dsp Jon bought a KX3 radio via PayPal from me then wanted the money back because he changed his mind.
I refunded $100.00 to make him happy, but it did not. Before I could ship it he turned me into PayPal for misrepresentation. How would he know that as he does not have the KX3, I guess I'm a jerk and he has buyers remorse. I am now being investigated by PayPal. He now emails me wanting $200 more dollars to drop the charge. Remember his call (N4DSP) and if I were you I would not sell to him.
To be continued.
PayPal decided in favor of the buyer

OK, n4dsp Jon you won, nothing I can do now but pay all of the 3% fees to PayPal and recover the $100.00 I sent you. This $100.00 was refunded to you to insure resolution of the sale. You did not close the sale.you then filed a claim with PayPal claiming "misrepresentation" . I call it buyer's remorse, In a nutshell "you changed your mind" and waned to back out of the deal after you had paid me for the goods. I ask you, "how would you know it was misrepresentation if you had not seen the goods"? You filed the claim with PayPal before I shipped the package to you. PayPal told me "not" to ship until the claim was resolved. Now if you do not repay the $100.00 I will file a theft claim with your local police department.

I have lost any and all respect for PayPal after their decision on this sale.
Jack Demaree

So if you have it in for someone just buy something from them pay with PayPal then file a claim
The seller is screwed. This jerk cost me $48.00 in PayPal fees, His cost was $3.00 when he refunded the $100.00.

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Re: n4dsp Jon BEWARE

Post by kb2rjh » Thu Apr 08, 2021 1:08 am

I took the call as a vanity call so dont judge me lol. Look at my old call kb2rjh for feed backs

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